Our First Time Swinging: Fata-Morgana

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On their visit to Holland, this couple decided to jump into the swinging lifestyle at Swingersclub Fata-Morgana.

The following took place in 2017… My girlfriend and I have been wanting to try swinging for a while now. It didn’t really matter in which format as we’re both pretty open-minded. I’ve had some experience in previous relationships, but she is (was) still a newbie. So finally, we decided to venture out while we were on our holiday in Holland. We decided to visit one of the swinger clubs there. I picked Swingersclub Fata-Morgana due to the good reviews online. 

Prior to our visit, we went into town to get some nice lingerie sets. And the set she got was super sexy: an all-black lace bra and panties and black stockings. That night when she changed into it to show me just before we left to the club, it turned me on so much, I wanted to throw her on the bed and do her right there! But I decided to save ‘til later.

So, we rode up to the club, both being pretty nervous… We kinda had an idea what to expect, but doing this for real was something else. Also, one of our biggest concerns was how about the other guests? We didn’t want to end up at a place where everyone was 50+ and overweight… no offense. We hoped we weren’t going to be the best-looking couple, and also not the least attractive couple, haha. But when we entered, paid the fee, got our locker key, and headed to the bar, we saw that it was a very good mixed crowd. I guess most couples were either in their 30s and 40s, the women being younger than most of their male companions. 

Since it was an open bar (included in the price), we started having a few drinks to take the edge off. About an hour later, the signal came for everyone to get changed into their lingerie. Everyone went to the locker room and started to get changed… which was pretty hot itself since it was a mixed locker room. We both spotted a few hot couples while getting changed. My girlfriend already got a few compliments as well from a few other couples. 

So, off we went back to the bar, had another drink, and spotted another mixed couple — a black girl and a white guy. I’m not that into black girls, but both my girlfriend and I said at the same time — damn, she’s hot! But we decided to have a walk around to the other floors and check it out. 

The place has three floors. It has many smaller rooms without doors, a few big rooms with really big sofa-like beds which can easily fit ten couples, a dark room, an S&M room, an indoor pool, a sauna, and an outdoor pool. I must say I was quite impressed. And, quite important — it was all kept very clean. So, we had a walk around and spotted a few couples already going at it in the smaller rooms; it was pretty hot just looking at them… There were a lot of fit blonde girls, and quite a few had fake boobs but just looked totally fit. I must say, overall, the women were better-looking than the men. We were starting to get turned on already. 

We then sat at the pool and had another drink when another couple joined us, and we just started talking. A nice young couple as well, and we talked for quite a bit. After a while, we decided to go for a walk all together, but somewhere we just lost them, haha. We decided to check out the darkroom… That’s always been one of my curiosities. As we were walking toward it, the mixed couple with the black girl came out; they spotted us and went straight back in again. Now, many people like to refer to Beyonce when talking about hot black girls, but seriously — Beyonce ain’t got nothing on this girl. Caramel-brown skin, fake boobs, tight body. Anyways… We entered the darkroom through a double curtain, and, just as the second curtain fell shut, I got a glimpse that she was standing there. She didn’t hesitate and started to kiss me straight away. Her boyfriend/husband/companion did the same with my girlfriend. While I was kissing her, I felt a few other hands from someone else on my body, and the whole thing just turned me on big time. I checked with my girlfriend to see if she was still OK. I could see she wasn’t totally comfortable, so I excused ourselves, and we left back to the bar again.

After a few minutes and a bit of talking, my girlfriend was feeling fine again, and we went for another walk. After checking out a few rooms, we came across the mixed couple again, who had moved from the darkroom to a small room. They invited us in, and so we did. This time, we started slowly to make my girlfriend more at ease. But after maybe ten minutes, it was all good. My girlfriend was getting licked by the girl while sucking off the guy’s dick, and I was fucking the black girl from behind. It was so hot seeing my girl with another dick inside her mouth and enjoying it… damn, it made me hard as a rock! We did so many positions; it was awesome, haha. We didn’t finish it since it was getting a bit too warm, and the other guy was having problems keeping it hard. So, we got dressed again and went for another drink. When we caught our breath again, we went for another stroll…

We passed the S&M room, which had a suspended chair harness, a gyno chair, and a wall to strap someone against. Both the chairs were being used by two couples, and we just went in and enjoyed the show for a few mins. After that, we passed another small room, and we saw the young couple who we met at the pool earlier on; they were getting it on with another young couple. They saw us and invited us in. 

Wow, that was fireworks! Hands everywhere, sucking my girlfriend’s nipples while fingering another girl… She was sucking a dick while getting fingered by another guy, and so on. I have no idea how long we stayed there. I think at one point, even a fourth couple came in and joined the fun. We got a lot of spectators as well! It was the hottest thing ever. After a while, a few couples left until it was just my girlfriend and me. I fucked her hard and came in her mouth, and she swallowed it all. Then it was time to get dressed again because the club was closing… 

A few couples invited us for an afterparty. I was OK with that, but my girlfriend was a bit tired, so we decided to head home. Once we arrived at our friends’ apartment where we were staying, we fucked again in the car before going up. We talked about it a lot in the days after it. And we’ll definitely go back again because there were still a few things that we didn’t get around to try. But it’s always good to look forward to something. All I can say is we had an amazing first time!

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