Our First Time

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Just talking about having sex with other people fueled their fire. When they finally connected with another couple, they made fireworks!

My wife Jill and I have been married for 27 years, and she still looks as good as the day I met her. She’s 48 years old, 5’7”, and 124lbs., with silky blonde hair and baby blue eyes that people can get lost in. She did have her boobs redone after she had kids years ago. During our playtime in the bedroom, we always fantasized about having sex with other people. It’s great bedroom talk and always keeps both of us horny while playing. Although we talked about it a lot in the bedroom, she would never openly discuss it anywhere else. She said it was just hot role-playing bedroom talk, and we didn’t think she was really ready for something like that.

One night while I was teasing and rubbing on her clit, I started talking about finally setting up a threesome for us. As I placed one finger halfway in her pussy, she let out a soft little moan. I was lightly fingering her with one finger and talking to her about the idea of multiple hands, all playing with her naked body at the same time. She was really starting to get into it. She was moaning louder now, and her pussy was dripping wet. I started fingering her deeper and faster and kept talking to her more and more about multiple hands touching her body. I knew she was getting close to cumming because she started breathing deeper and humping up against my fingers. I asked her if she was really for something like this yet? Before she could answer I ran one hand up to play with her nipple as I began pumping two fingers deeper and harder into her pussy, this sent her over the edge. She arched her back up in the air and starting thrusting against my hand, moaning and yelling, “OH YES, FUCK YES, I’M SO FUCKING READY FOR IT BABY!” as she came harder, with a big, body-thrusting, squirting orgasm. It was fucking amazing to see! She doesn’t normally squirt, so I knew this must have been a special one for her. 

After we laid there for a minute or two, she turned to me, kissing me deeply, giggled a little and said WOW, that was pretty fucking hot! Just then, Jill reached over and grabbed my rock-hard cock and said, “it seems like you liked it, too?” All I could say was, “hell, yeah, baby!” As she stroked my cock gently, she asked me if I really wanted to see her all naked, in bed with other people. “Hell, yes,” I replied. With that, she started stroking my cock faster and rubbing my balls with her other hand, and she asked me if I would like to see somebody else make her cum. I was like, “fuck, yes!” Her talking about it was sending me over the top — I couldn’t take it any longer. I grabbed her head and rammed my cock in her mouth just as I was cumming. She stroked and sucked my cock dry — something she rarely does. We were both pretty worn out after our big orgasms, so we both laid back in bed and went off to sleep. 

The next day, it was business as usual. We both got up, showered, ate breakfast, and I ran off to work. I was busy most of the day with meetings and didn’t get a chance to call home, but I did get a chance to jokingly text my wife a message that last night was fun and that I made arrangements for a threesome. As the day went on, I never received a text back from her. Thinking that I might have over-pressed the issue a little bit, I sent her another text just saying “LOL.” Still nothing from her. On my way home from work, I stopped and bought her some flowers to smooth things over. Just as I was turning on to our street, I received a reply text from her. It was just a sad face emoji. ‘OMG, what does that mean?!’ I thought as I pulled into the driveway.

At dinner that night, I mentioned my text message and her sad face emoji reply. Jill just smiled and laughed. I asked her if she thought I was serious about setting something up. She just said, “well, you asked me last night if I was ready or not, didn’t you? Well, I think I’m ready to try something wild. So, maybe I did kind of hope that you were serious.” I almost choked on my wine! “It would have to be something you set up, not me,” she said blushingly. She said if she knew any of the details ahead of time, she would probably get scared and back out. I smiled back and said, “OK, honey.” So, no details. If I plan something wild, it will just have to be a surprise. She smiled and laughed. But I could tell by the look in her eyes she was turned on by the idea.

The next day I joined a couple of swingers’ sites online and spent the next week or so chatting with and meeting others in the area. Who knew there were so many like-minded people in the area? Since she doesn’t want to know any details about it beforehand, that kind of makes it hard to figure out what exactly she prefers. I’m afraid that if I ask her now, it will blow the deal. My plan was to get a single woman to join us. But after finding it nearly impossible to find a single woman that was interested in a married couple, I began chatting with several other couples. The couple that I hit it off best with was Dave and Cindy. 

They are a white married couple with kids, just like us. She was a 37-year-old, 5’5,” 125 lb. cutie from the South and he was a 38-year-old, 6’3,” about 200 lbs. I told them we were new to this and had not never done anything like this before, and that it needed to be a surprise meeting (not to tip my wife off) at a dance club or something. They said, “no problem; we have been in the lifestyle for seven years now and know exactly how to play this out for you.” They said they often play with first-timers and that they never go beyond anyone’s limits. They invited us to join them at a friend of theirs’ club on the other side of town next Saturday night. They said, “don’t worry, it’s not a swinger’s bar, but some swingers go there and try to hook up with singles that hang out there on Saturday nights. It’s also located in the party lot of a hotel district in case we wanted to spend the night.” They said they’d text me when they arrived and would look for us on the dance floor. Cindy said she would accidentally bump into Jill while dancing and then start up a conversation with her, and from there, Cindy would start her quest to seduce Jill. I told them that sounded like a deal! 

Saturday morning, I told Jill that I was taking her out dancing for the night. She said oh, WOW! Where are we going? What should I wear? I said a small club across town, it was a surprise, and to dress like she was trying to impress. Since I was a little nervous about the night, I decided that we should show up at the club at 8:30ish to get a feel for the plane. When we arrived, the place was about half full of young single businessmen who must have been staying at the hotels. We grabbed a table by the dance floor, ordered a couple of drinks, and then ended up dancing for about a half-hour, and Jill was really getting into the music and loved the fact that most of the guys in the place were looking at her. Jill went back to our table as I went to the bathroom to check if I got a text from Cindy yet. Nothing yet. 

As I was heading back to our table, I noticed a guy sitting at our table, and he and Jill talking and were laughing. I decided to watch from the bar for a little bit and see where this goes. They talked and flirted for a while, and when I didn’t go back to the table, they decided to go out and dance. As they danced, his hands were all over Jill’s tight little body. Jill seemed to be loving the attention. When she looked over and saw me watching her from the bar, she smiled at me and started kissing him as they danced together. After about three songs, Jill walked over to me at the bar and said, “OMG, I can’t believe you set this up for me tonight? He’s so young and hot that I was a little afraid of him at first, but I love the attention John is showing me. He’s a great kisser, with a great body, and he keeps rubbing his big hard cock on my thigh. Thank you, baby.” Before I could say a word, Jill kissed me deeply and went back to dancing with John. 

Next thing I know, I get a text from Cindy saying we are here and we are heading to the dance floor. Before I could make my way to the dance floor through the now-crowded club, I saw Cindy. She was out there and dancing next to Jill and John. Just then, she bumps into Jill. Cindy appears to be apologizing when both girls start laughing, and then they start dancing together. After a minute, John gets in between the girls, and now the three of them are bumping and grinding so hot and heavy that half the people in the club are watching them. 

As this is going on, I see Cindy’s husband Dave, standing back watching. I made my way over to him, introduced myself, and told him what happened. Dave laughed and said, “well, it looks like you two got started without us.” Me and Dave head back to our table where we can watch the girls and John dancing and grinding all over each other. 

After a couple more songs, the three of them head back to our table. Seeing Dave and me there, Jill looks startled and pulls me aside and says, “OMG, what’s going on, honey? I told her that my surprise for her tonight was for us to meet up with Dave and Cindy. She says what about John, who is he? I said hell, I don’t know honey; you picked him up on your own, I guess!” Jill turned about eight shades of red. She said, “OMG, what am I supposed to do now? Just before Cindy showed up, John was asking me if I wanted to go back to his hotel room.” “What did you tell him,” I asked? “I told him I needed to talk to you first. Then Cindy shows up, and she’s the sexiest woman I’ve ever seen. What should I do? It’s a little overwhelming now, should we just shoot out the back door and get away before it’s too late?” I said, “well, we could do that if you want to, or you could play it out and see if John would be interested in all of us going back to his room?” Jill smiled and said, “I will ask him.” John apparently loved the idea. So did Cindy and Dave, so we all headed back to his hotel room.

As soon as we got in the door, Cindy grabbed Jill and started kissing her neck and caressing her. John moved in behind Jill and unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor. Jill hadn’t worn any underwear, so she was now standing there completely nude. She looked so hot. John and Jill both removed their clothes, too, and as they did, I could see what Jill was talking about. John’s cock was about 9 inches long and thicker than a cucumber. The three of them climbed onto the king-size bed. Cindy and John were kissing up and down Jill’s body, and she just laid back and let it all happen. Dave and I just sat back and watched our hot wives in action. 

Cindy moved down and began kissing and licking Jill pussy nice and slowly as John began playing with Jill’s boobs. His hands were all over her. Jill was moaning softly. Hearing this, Cindy starting licking and sucking harder on Jill clit as she slid a finger inside Jill pussy and starting finger-fucking her nice and fast. Jill’s moans grew louder now, as John started sucking on one nipple and pitching the other. Jill had one hand on John’s monster cock and was stroking it fast and hard. Cindy then slid another finger in Jill’s pussy, and just as she did, Jill started shaking and thrusting up and down as she screamed out loud and had her first orgasm of the night… 

Without missing a beat, Cindy now turned her attention to John’s cock. She grabbed his rock hard monster cock with both hands and started sucking and licking the head of it. As she was doing this, Jill climbed in and began licking his balls. John grabbed Cindy’s head and started fucking her mouth while pushing Jill’s head down to Cindy’s pussy. Jill had never gone down on a girl before, but this didn’t stop her. Jill began licking and sucking on Cindy’s hot little pussy. Jill then slipped a couple of fingers into her pussy as Cindy began grinding on Jill’s face. Cindy was trying to take as much of John’s cock in her mouth as she could as she also humped her pussy deeper in Jill’s face. It was such an erotic sight to see. Cindy soon started bucking and yelling that she was cumming. Just as she did, John pulled his cock out of her mouth and shot his load on Cindy’s tits. 

The three of them laid there for a minute hugging and kissing when Cindy looked over at Dave and me and said, “would either of you boys like to get your dicks sucked now?” Dave immediately said yes, pointed at me, and said, “he would love for you to suck his cock.” Cindy smiled as she was wiping John’s cum off her tits, “OK, you’re next,” as she walked over to me, dropped down to her knees, removed my pants, and began sucking on my already hard cock. Jill was watching Cindy suck my cock as she was still lying on the bed, hugging and kissing with John, but I could tell that seeing Cindy suck my cock was making her horny again, so I looked at her and said, “Hey, honey, why don’t you come over here and suck Dave’s cock?” Jill wasted no time. Jill took Dave’s hand and pulled him over to the bed. She grabbed Dave’s pants and pulled them to the floor. As Dave laid back on the bed, Jill climbed on top of him and began sucking his cock. This was so fucking hot. Dave and I were lying on our backs while the girls were on their hands and knees, sucking our cocks. John moved in behind the girls and starting finger-fucking them both at the same time from behind. Both girls were moaning and grinding back and forth against John’s fingers, and as they did this, they began stroking our cocks harder and faster. It seemed like the two girls were in a competition to see who was going to make us cum the fastest. I couldn’t take it anymore. I needed to fuck. 

I pulled my cock out of Cindy’s mouth and spun her around on the bed. She was now on her hands and knees, her ass high in the air and facing me. As I parted her pussy lips with my finger and looked over at Jill for her approval, I could tell by the look in her eyes, and it was a YES! I slowly started to shove my cock into her warm, wet pussy. OMG, it felt so good. Cindy began pushing back against me as I pumped her harder now. We were in prefix rhythm. Jill liked the sight of this so much she turned around to try and suck John’s big cock and let Dave fuck her at the same time. WOW! My wife was getting into it; it was so fucking hot — my wife and I were both fucking someone else side by side. After fucking Jill’s pussy good and hard for about 10 minutes, Dave started to yell that he was cumming, so he pulled his cock out and came all over Jill’s hot little ass. Seeing that made me blow my load, too. I pulled out, and Cindy spun around and finished me off by sucking my cock dry. 

Jill never stopped sucking John’s monster cock all this time. I could tell she was in love with that thing. So I told her that I wanted to see her try and ride that big cock. She looked over at me and shook her head no while still sucking on him. She then took it out of her mouth and whispered in my ear, “don’t you think he’s way too big for me?” Cindy overheard this and said, “no way, Jill! Your pussy is going to love that big fat cock in it; trust me, baby, it’s going to feel amazing, and I’m going to help you take it all in.” 

Cindy had John lay on his back. Then she had Jill climb on top of him facing him. As Jill was lying on top of John, they began making out. As they were kissing, Cindy got down between their legs and started rubbing lube all over John’s cock and Jill’s pussy. Even if this didn’t go any further, this was the hottest sight I’d ever seen. Cindy was fingering Jill’s pussy with both hands, and Jill was rocking back and forth; Cindy knew Jill was ready now. Cindy reached down and grabbed John’s cock, placing the head of it right at Jill’s pussy. Cindy pulled back on Jill’s hips and let the head of John’s cock slide right in. Jill moaned loud and deep as Cindy pulled her hips back even further. Cindy pushed and pulled Jill’s hips back and forth as Jill managed to get about half of John’s cock inside her. Jill was loving it, and I could tell she was ready for more now as she rose up on John, placed her hands on his chest, and began to move up and down on his cock. She was getting about ¾ of his cock in her pussy as she was moaning and yelling, “oh yes, fuck, yes.” It was the hottest and sexiest I had ever seen my wife. Jill only rode him for about two minutes before she had a body-shaking orgasm that made her collapse back onto John’s chest. 

As she laid on John, breathless with his cock still deep in her pussy, John started pumping his cock in and out of her slowly until she caught her breath. Once John felt like Jill was ready, he started pumping her pussy harder and faster. Jill was just laying on him almost lifeless, moaning louder and louder as he started to fuck her as hard and as fast as he could. John was giving her every inch of his cock, each pump of his massive cock brought it halfway out and then all the way back in as fast, and as hard as he could. Jill’s moans now just sounded like mumbling as she came repeatedly. Finally, John said he was going to cum, so he pulled out and started pumping his own cock and shot his huge load all over Jill’s ass and back. We were all pretty worn out after this, so we said our goodbyes and swore we’d get together again sometime soon.

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