Our First Visit to a “Couples’ Resort”

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This couple indulged in their first fantasies during an impromptu trip to Desire.

As we lay in bed after a busy day, cold rain beating on our bedroom window, Ann and I decided that we deserved a break from work, family, and weather. We searched the Internet; ski resorts were out, fishing was not an option, but then we came across “Desire Resort” — jackpot! Curious about the lifestyle, it was part of our pillow talk but remained an unfulfilled fantasy. After hectic weeks of rearranging our work schedule, canceling prior meetings, and setting up a cover-up story, the day finally came.

She Caught Someone’s Eye

As our plane landed, we were looking forward to a week of no work, no pressures, no deadlines, and perhaps some naughtiness. Our first day, we sat around the pool, surprised that the guests looked “normal” and quite comfortable with their nakedness. 

That evening at dinner, Ann told me about a fellow who had been exchanging glances with her all afternoon. I was surprised; I had been next to her all day and was unaware. She asked, “isn’t this what we have been fantasizing about? Let me know if you have changed your mind. I don’t want any drama.”

The next afternoon, we were in the pool talking to two couples when a very tall, muscular fellow walked behind Ann and started whispering in her ear. She turned toward me, gave me a huge smile, and proceeded to move to a corner where soon they were hugging and kissing, oblivious to our presence. We watched them make out; it was sexy, and I was caught between jealousy and arousal. After a while, I broke from the group and walked to them. She had her legs around his waist. Her eyes were shiny, her face flushed, her nostrils flaring, nipples like pencil erasers — I knew she had reached that point. I asked, “Do you want our room key?” “Yesss…” I watched her get out of the pool, wrap a pareo around her waist and leave, buttocks and breasts swaying, holding hands with her newfound friend.

Back at the Bungalow: His Perspective

I stayed and kept up the charade, but deep inside, I was dying to know what she was doing. I picked up a margarita and headed there to find our front door wide open. Interpreting this as an invitation, I stationed myself outside but was not prepared for what I saw. This fellow was tall. Ann is petite, and he completely dwarfed her. He was huge, and she was straddling him, unaware of my presence, stretched to the limit as she slowly rode him on and on until I heard her say, “don’t stop, cum inside me now!” I watched his balls tighten, I saw her grind down, he grunted, and she moaned as they exploded together. Then, becoming still, they shared kisses and were murmuring. Unaware of my presence, I heard her say, “Your turn on top” And as she rolled off, she saw me, hesitated, looked surprised, but then smiled and mouthed, “Thank you.”

Back at the Bungalow: Her Perspective

It’s Ann now. You heard his version, but he missed the best parts. 

I was in the pool when the guy who had been eyeing me approached me. I knew he was interested but was surprised when he walked behind me, placed his big hands around my waist, and whispered, “hi beautiful, do you want to hang out?” Our plans were not separate play, but this was exciting, so I threw Paul a smile and moved into a corner. 

The water made closeness easy. We began to kiss and wow! He was good. He loved the way my breasts floated and pressed against him. The cold water and the excitement hardened my nipples. And I felt a huge bulge pressing against my belly. Unsure of the protocol, as I hadn’t seen any other couples doing this, I hesitated, until Paul walked up and offered us our key. 

We headed to the bungalow and into bed. He was way taller than Paul, muscular, and very generously endowed. And clean-shaven, which made him look even more impressive and contrasted nicely with my dark, moist bush. Awed by his size and girth, I squeezed and was rewarded by his pre-cum, which I happily began to lick. “Wait,” he said, “we will have time for that later.” He flipped me on my back as if I was a rag doll, my thighs spreading. His eyes wandered from my pussy to my face as he began to finger my lips twirling at my entrance, two fingers entering me as his thumb gently rubbed my stiff clit. It felt wonderful, but seeing his cock arching was too much. I needed it. 

I felt I should take control, so I asked him to lie down. I knelt above him, poised myself with his knob at my entrance, and within two or three swift thrusts took him in. I sat still, savoring ‘til my walls accommodated him before I began to move. I began to milk him for what it was worth, bent on making it an unforgettable experience, churning, feeling that he was exploring crevices seldom reached. It had been years since I had felt a cock other than my husband’s and found this situation so erotic that I was about to explode. I felt the tension build in my pelvis, a feeling of fullness with the need for relief. Between my physical efforts and my verbal encouragements, we soon peaked and both exploded. 

I lost it completely; I lost control of my bladder, I felt my anus contracting, I squirted… it was a messy but wonderful moment, and I just sat riding him, grasping my hair and hearing myself repeat, “ph my god, oh my god.” Once my breathing and heartbeat slowed, I rolled off and, as I turned, who is there but my husband, with a smile on his face. I hesitated, worried he would be bothered by the intensity of my orgasm, but when I saw he had a huge hard-on, I realized all was OK.

They Kept Going

This is Paul again. He must have taken some pill because I had just seen him orgasm, and yet he lifted her, placed a pillow under her buttocks, and knelt, his cock arching toward the ceiling. I was on the bed as Ann took him in her hand, saying, “you are still so hard, you feel so good, I want you inside again!” I am not sure if the comment was for my benefit or his, but we both got a notch harder! 

We watched her throw her head back, knees against her shoulders, pelvis pointing toward the ceiling, offering him a swollen, wet pussy. They unabashedly groaned, gasped, and whimpered to the most amazing sounds and smells. They mated, her heels digging into his back, hands pulling at his buttocks while her anus contracted spasmodically. Their mutual release was imminent. They peaked, him grunting and grinding into her as she held on as if for dear life and moaned as another orgasm hit her. When they slowed down, the groans changed to whispers, the thrusting to cuddling, and they both fell into a post-coital bliss. Then falling apart, he turned, hoarsely thanked me, and left.

Cumming Back Together

I was greeted by the most erotic sight. Her hair was spread around the pillow, her skin flushed and coated with a thin layer of perspiration, nipples swollen, and breasts reddened. The smell of recent sex permeated the room. Looking down, I saw that her pubic hair was matted and wet spots adorned the wrinkled sheets. She asked, “Is this what you fantasized about? Do you like what you see? Because I could do this anytime you wish!” 

I played with her swollen gaping lips. She was stretched open, and I could gaze inside her and see a pool of cum. I leaned over to kiss her thighs and was gently nuzzling her lips when she took my face in both hands and pushed me into her wetness, erupting in another fierce orgasm. When I slipped into her, I felt I was entering a cup of warm, soft custard, and I lost myself in a wonderful, well-deserved, pent-up orgasm. It was only day two, and it would get even better!

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