Our Sexy Reward

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This couple jumped into the Lifestyle with a single woman! Read on for the story of their beginner’s luck.

She was indeed our sexy, hot, and pretty reward for many years of a monogamous and faithful marriage. Joining SDC was an awesome idea! It was a way to add some spiciness and eroticism to our sex life. We loved each other deeply and were both eager to experience new and pleasurable adventures.

She came to our house one balmy night, wearing a short, low-cut sundress, exposing her breasts and curvy legs. She smelled great and looked great. Our hearts and pulses raced as we welcomed her into our living room, dimly lit, awaiting her arrival.

We fixed ourselves some drinks, but we all knew we didn’t want to wait much longer. I wanted her, probably more than my husband did. She sat on the edge of the sofa, legs spread, head thrust back, waiting expectantly. I came to her, opened her legs, and started caressing her, finding her lips and clitoris, and gently stroked her until she moaned. I could feel her wetness and heat as I kissed her sweet mouth and found her tongue. We sucked and licked each other’s lips and tongues gently at first, then with a hunger and passion that could not be explained. My husband came forward and guided us all to the bedroom.

She was spreadeagled on the bed now. I continued kissing her lips and sucking her tongue, and then I moved further down to her erect nipples, gently biting and pulling them, coating them with my hot saliva and licking and twirling my tongue around them as she moaned. My husband was naked with his erect penis in his hand. He opened her legs even wider and started sucking her clit greedily. She writhed and moaned from me kissing her hot and hard and sucking, pulling, and licking her lips and tongue while my husband ravished her sweet wet, hot pussy with his tongue, lips, and fingers. She was moaning with pleasure.

She wanted to suck his erect hard throbbing cock. While she did, I continued licking and sucking her pussy — saliva mixed with her juices tasted awesome. She was in a frenzy. My husband’s cock filled her mouth, and my vibrator filled her pussy. She moaned and kept moaning. My husband exploded his big load of cum in her mouth, which she swallowed with no hesitation. He left us girls to keep going.

We continued kissing, licking, and savoring the taste of cum until she pushed me down on the bed and straddled me. Her hot, wet, sticky pussy worked wonders against mine. She pounded at me, wet pussy against wet pussy, rubbing back and forth, clit against clit, mound against mound, lips against lips. Our pussies were swollen with pleasure, rubbing, pounding, and rubbing in a frenzy of movement until we both exploded in ecstasy, screaming and shaking as multiple orgasms overtook our bodies. We lay all three beside each other, smiling and satisfied, wondering how much longer we need to rest before we began again.

Yes, our SDC membership was worth every penny!!

SDC Erotic Writing Contest First Swinging Experience Member Story

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“Our First Swinging Experience” by one of our members.

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