SDC Erotic Writing Contest #1 Winner: Newbie Adventure

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Here it is, our first-ever Erotic Writing Contest Winner’s story! This couple had an incredible first time playing at a swingers’ club.

SDC Erotic Writing Contest First Swinging Experience Member Story

In December 2019, SDC announced our first-ever Erotic Writing Contest. We kicked off the series with something that we all share in the lifestyle — “My First Swinging Experience.”

We received hundreds of steamy submissions from our members, but there can only be one winner! So, settle in and get ready to immerse yourself in the story of how this couple plunged into the swingers’ lifestyle. Even eighteen years later, it’s one of their top ten tales. We can certainly see why…

“My First Swinging Experience” Winning Erotica

My wife and I met in the summer of 2002 in SE Pennsylvania. I was 49, and she was 42. We had both recently come out of marriages that were sexually ho-hum, to put it mildly. When we started dating, she confessed that she had been with only three men before me, and hadn’t had an orgasm with a partner until she started dating a co-worker after her divorce. He was fun and adventurous but unfortunately controlling, married, and nuts. He did, however, show her that sex could be a lot of fun. I think I’m still grateful to him.

After six weeks of dating, we finally did the deed. I found her to be playful, sexy, adventuresome, and with very little effort, multi-orgasmic. We had been dating for several months when we saw a hidden camera news story about Kama Sutra, a swingers’ club on South St in Philly. Since we’d already discovered that she was somewhat of an exhibitionist, we were intrigued by the idea of watching people have public sex and with the possibility of people watching us. We looked for other clubs online and found two closer to home. We went the next weekend to a club near Harrisburg — TJs — “just to look.” We were nervous but had a great time, and in retrospect, we were hooked right then.

The next weekend, we went to The Private Affair (TPA) in northern MD, just 50 minutes from our front door. From our trip to TJs, we knew a little about club rules and dress code, and this time, my wife wore a sexy sundress and heels and nothing else. At 57 and 130 lbs, she was an absolute knock-out. We got a tour of the club, which had a bar and dance floor — all very clean — and in the back of the building were two hallways lined with doors to playrooms. Some of the rooms had one bed, some with two or three beds, and there was even a glory hole room, which was just wide enough for a bed, and it had three waist-high holes along one wall. There were several theme rooms as well.

After the tour, we had a couple of drinks, danced a little, and talked briefly to some people, but pretty much stayed close to each other. After a while, we went for a walk around the playrooms to see what was happening. We walked past the glory hole room to find the door was closed. The door next to it was open to a very narrow space with access to the glory holes. There was another couple in there looking through one of the holes, and a guy looking through another. My wife asked the couple if we could look, then smiled and invited us in. The couple was at one end, we were at the second hole, and the other guy was at the third one. I was behind my wife, who bent over to look in the room. She said, “OMG honey, they’re really screwing,” and, “this is so hot.” As she watched, I slid her sundress up and caressed her thighs and nice firm ass, giving the couple and the guy a bit of a look. After a few minutes, I found her pussy to be very wet. The other woman was squatting and looking through her hole while her husband stood behind her.

As I watched and rubbed my wife’s barely concealed ass, he opened his wife’s blouse and started to rub her braless little boobs. I heard a zipper and looked to see that the guy on the other side had got his cock out and was slowly stroking it while looking at the two partially-exposed women and at the couple through the hole. My wife stood up and looked at the couple next to us. She whispered to me, “honey, touch my tits.” Who am I to argue? I slid the straps off her shoulders and started to rub her boobs. Her nipples were hard as rocks. The other woman stood up and looked at my wife and said, “you have beautiful breasts — may I?” To my absolute surprise, my wife didn’t hesitate; she smiled and nodded, and as the other woman touched her, my wife returned the favor. I heard the guy at the end moan and then watched as the two women fondled one another. The women turned to the husbands and kissed us as my wife unzipped me and got my dick out. The other wife did the same to her husband. So, the women are still touching one another while rubbing our dicks. The other guy quit watching through the hole and leaned against the wall watching us. What a turn on!! My wife says then says to me, “I never knew another woman was so soft — you’ve got to touch her.” The other wife smiled and nodded, and so I started to fondle her boobs while her husband began touching my wife.

Somehow, we turned in that little space so that I was now next to the other wife, and mine was facing her husband. I watched as my wife took his cock in her hand. They kissed, and I kissed the other wife as she reached down and unbuttoned her skirt, which fell to the floor. When she saw the other woman was naked, my wife wiggled her hips, and magically, her sundress hit the floor. Both women continued to make out with us, and in no time, I watched as my wife was fingered to a standing orgasm by a total stranger. As she came, my naked wife wrapped her arms around the other guy, then slid down his body and completely surprised me by taking him in her mouth. The other woman started giving me the softest, most exquisite blow job I’d ever had to that point.

This was way too much stimulation for me, and much too soon, I passed the point of no return. I said, “baby, I’m gonna cum.” I thought she’d stop, but instead, she pulled me deep in her mouth while I came. The other husband watched this, and with a moan, he went over the edge. I thought my wife would jerk him off — we’d never talked about sharing orgasm; maybe a little touching or something, but this — this went way beyond anything we’d discussed. She looked up at me with a cock in her mouth and smiled as she sucked him off and swallowed. We had completely forgotten the other guy who had edged close to watch my wife’s BJ. I was shocked to see her reach out and replace his hand with hers. I know he wanted her to suck him, but she told me later that was one cock too far for her first time. Instead, she stroked him a few times, and we four watched as this stranger came on my wife’s tits. Fortunately, the club keeps a roll of paper towels in that room, so we all cleaned up and got dressed.

We hugged and thanked one another, and my wife and I went back to the bar, in dire need of another drink. As we calmed down and made certain we were both OK with what happened, she sheepishly said to me, “that was amazing, but we didn’t even get their names. Is that slutty?” Eighteen years later, that is still one of our top ten swinger memories!

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Our SDC community had so much fun with this contest, so we’re going to run more in the future. We’ll announce the next topic soon, so stay tuned!

Until next time, you sexy storytellers…

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