Swing Party Invitation to a Newbie

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This unsuspecting single male was thrust into hosting a party for some of his friends, and let’s just say that it was NOT the kegger he was expecting, and it was just the beginning…

A husband and wife that were friends of mine told me they were hosting an adults-only party at a local hotel and asked me I would help them by just keeping my eye on things. Based on the glint in their eye, I knew it might be a fun party, but I didn’t suspect anything beyond a college frat-type beer-drinking event. I asked if I could bring a date and was given the green light. I invited a 20-year old girl (let’s call her Candi) from work that every guy was trying to score with, but I’d always taken the high-road and thought this party invite would be an ice-breaker for her and me, I told her we’d be co-hosting a party for some friends, etc. She accepted. I’m glad my friends hadn’t described what type of party it was because I may not have agreed to host it and I certainly wouldn’t have invited a girl from work, ten years younger than I, to attend. The party was a swinger party, but even more specific, it was an interracial fuck party for couples with girlfriends or wives that love fucking black cock.

From Play Party to Lifelong Lifestylers

Much of it seems a blur now. Things happened fast, and I did my best to be the host and party caretaker. The girl I invited — 20 years old and with no previous lifestyle experience, either, let alone interracial experience — well, it took about twenty minutes before I saw Candi on her knees giving an unbelievably sloppy blow job to a tall, thin black man. The old phrase, “once she goes black, she ain’t going back,” immediately occurred to me. 

Weeks later, I took a position with a new company in a new city. We both went through a couple of serious relationships, but Candi and I remained in touch and we got together for laughs when we could. But one thing was always the connecting glue of our friendship: her discovery of big black cock. Her newer boyfriends would never understand, she said. And I told her that I’d always encourage her if she wanted to be a slut for BBC, and that I’d take care of all the logistics. 

A year ago, I proposed marriage to Candi. It was done in a hotel suite, watching interracial porn while I was fucking her Doggystyle. I told her to vow to only fuck black cock other than me, and she made me vow that I’d only share her pussy and mouth with BBC. Chance brought her and I together, but her lust for black cock has kept us together. She’ll never go back — unless it’s just coming back home to me after a date, with cum still fresh on her happy face.

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