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Classified ads really are shots in the dark, especially from single males looking for a play partner. Well, this one hit!

The stage had been set. Texts were being sent. Caitlin had an underlying smile, a knowledge that perhaps tonight would be the night. After months of talking, idea-sharing, exploring, and then more talking and sharing, we were here. We had been to dinner with others, a house party that was not so great, then an upscale party where we made some friends, but we had never been ready to play. We had established that Caitlin was free to play and finally… an answered Craigslist ad had provided a spark… a possibility.

Dinner & More in Dallas

Mario had come to town for business. His wife, Lara, had had a fling with her tennis instructor, ahead of a planned threesome, and now was encouraging Mario to enjoy himself. He came to town about a week after posting his ad… and we met him for dinner. We had traded emails and texts and had made arrangements to meet him for dinner at his hotel in Dallas. The evening had gone well, with an enjoyable banter, getting to know each other, and forming a connection. There was an edge to the conversation, with neither party sure how to advance, although a nervous Caitlin was waiting on Mario to make that move. The evening became late, and eventually, we had to go as work came early the next morning. We said good night and left without any further adventure or play. As we were driving home, Caitlin received a text from Mario, expressing his regret that he may have lost his opportunity with her. Her smiling laugh as he expressed himself via text to her as we drove home made the drive a bit electric, and our banter, talking and sharing continued, pulling us closer together. 

Mario continued to contact and text Caitlin over the next week, creating smiles each day and provided an evening of enjoyment as I watched her text, smile, and have a different bounce in her step. The connection and intrigue had grown, although Caitlin was uncertain that anything further would come of it. After all, although Mario would be returning town in a couple of weeks, we had plans, as it was her high school reunion and her sister’s birthday that weekend.

Reunion Saturday had come, and we were set to attend. We packed clothes for the day as we had that to attend during the day, and then her sister’s birthday party at a club in Fort Worth that night. During the reunion, we secretly exchanged glances and whispers, I giving her encouragement and telling her she would be meeting her boyfriend later, her smiling and telling me she doubted it would happen, but also doing so with a bit of a glow to her. After the reunion, we went to a park to kill time before heading to her sister’s birthday party that evening. 

Eventually, we went to Fort Worth and met her sister at the club. While listening to music and dancing, I could tell Caitlin was worked up and turned on, even though she hadn’t heard a lot from Mario as he was working. At about 9, she got a note from Mario. He was done for the day and wondered if we wanted to come to meet him. He had to drive back into Dallas with his co-workers and clean up, so it would be a bit and would send us a note when he got there. Caitlin was enjoying herself at the party, dancing a bit closer to me that night.

At about 10:45, she got another note from Mario… telling her he would like to see her tonight. By now, she was thinking it was late and not sure. I smiled as I asked what she wanted to do. Her torn response was that she thought we should go home, as they continued to flirt and text. Her eyes would change when a text came in, although she did well to disguise this, given the crowd we were with. We were a bit older than her sister and friends so, while we fit in and were enjoying ourselves, we were also able to sit back and observe the others some. At about 11:30, she told me it was time to go… and told her sister she was going to be a booty call. 

As we left, she said she was tired and ready to go home. She had texted Mario and basically said the same. He responded that he understood, but that he hoped she would come to Dallas to spend the night with him, and he would leave a room key for her at the desk. With that, I asked what she wanted to do… she stated she wasn’t sure but to go home. I knew she felt otherwise, so I told her we would drive home to Denton from Fort Worth via Dallas (30 miles out of our way). This would allow her time to decide. If she wanted, we could stop at his hotel, and she could get the room key, and if not, we would continue home. The 30 miles took longer than normal, it seemed, with Caitlin wrestling with what she wanted, nervous and yet excited. As we entered Dallas, she said, yes, let’s go to the hotel. The room key had piqued her interest.

We parked, entered, and she walked to the desk, asking for the key as I waited in the hallway (she had asked me to accompany her to the room). As she got the key, I saw the smile as she walked away, across the lobby to the elevators. We went up and knocked on Mario’s room, and he answered happily. After about 15-20 minutes, she signaled to me it was OK, she would stay. With that, we made plans to meet the next morning for brunch, all three of us. With that, I left. 

I slept little that night, and in the morning had a note from Mario’s wife, thanking me for allowing Caitlin and Mario to enjoy each other. I met them for brunch at about 11. Some sleep had been had, but also an experience that has opened our eyes, starting us on a journey that has brought us closer together overall. For that, we are thankful.

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