The Elusive, Mythical Unicorn of their Dreams

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This sapiosexual LS newbie couple hit the jackpot and found themselves a unicorn hat-trick! She was not only a single woman, but also a LIBRARIAN — and a hot one, too. Talk about beginner’s luck!

It started with some playful and sexy chatting on SDC. Yes, my husband and I met a gorgeous unicorn with a quick wit and beautiful clit. Initially, our quest for a unicorn was as challenging as the elusive, mythical creature itself. At first, we questioned if she was the real deal, but the pics of her in sexy lingerie confirmed it — she was hot, intelligent, and, no word of a lie — a young, hot librarian. It was the perfect scenario for my husband and I who are sapiosexuals — that is correct — we are insanely aroused by intellectuals. Nervous about undertaking our first LS experience, we decided to meet at a quaint resto-lounge for a drink. If the meeting was a success, a second sexy date would be arranged.

On a dark, rainy night, we drove out to meet this mythical radiant creature. Sitting in a cozy, secluded, red velvet semi-circle booth was a gorgeous, slender blonde in tight jeans and a silky blouse unbuttoned to expose an inviting valley that rested between her perky breasts. After a brief introduction, a few drinks, and fantastic conversation, I couldn’t help imaging my husband laying the Librarian across the table, pulling her pants down savagely to expose her tits and ass while sliding his hard cock into her moist pussy. The sexual energy and tension of our trio suddenly shifted from intellectual and innocent to racy and arousing. I took a leap of faith, gave my husband a look of approval, and asked if the smoking-hot Librarian wanted to take the party somewhere more private. 

This wasn’t apart of the plan… we agreed to meet and greet first, and if the date went well, the second date would be clothing optional. But I felt daring and horny. My panties were wet, anticipating the threesome. I’d never fucked another woman, only dreamt about it. Under a time-constraint, we decided to meet in a nearby carpool lot off the highway. It was risqué and intriguing public place, but that would make the experience even more exciting. 

The Librarian invited us into her SUV Bimmer. We climbed in the backseat and immediately started peeling off clothing in a frenzy of sheer horniness. Arms and legs were entangled, but we managed to get naked. I was not disappointed. The Librarian was stunning, her body illuminated by the outdoor lamps. In the glow of lights, I saw what I had imagined earlier at the restaurant. I ran my fingertips over her supple tits, stopping at her protruding nipple. I gave it a slight squeeze, and she giggled playfully. My husband reached over and whispered, “let’s fuck her good,” tugging at my earlobe with his lips. 

What happened next was a frenzy of pure, sexy fucking in the most creative positions we could manage in a tight space. The Unicorn, without hesitation, started sucking my husband’s cock. She giggled and moaned with pleasure saying, “I haven’t fucked in a while, and I’m ready to blow you hard.” As her head bobbed up and down, I got behind her, kissing her neck and fondling her breasts. I ran my nails up her chest and down her back, tapped her ass with a slap, and reached between her legs to slide my fingers across her wet pussy. Suddenly, the head-bobbing stopped, and she squealed. I repositioned to lay on her back across the seat I climbed on top of her, kissing her and licking her nipples. My husband crouched down between the seats and started licking her pussy while thrusting his fingers inside her. I turned my body 180 degrees to get a better view, and I felt her tongue graze my pussy. I was so worked up that I felt my pussy juice drip down my inner thigh. She continued to swirl her tongue in all the right places, licking and tugging gently with her teeth. I started breathing rapidly and let out a scream as I came in her mouth. I was panting, spent, and overwhelmed with pleasure. 

Before I knew it, I was lying back on the centre console between the front seats. The Unicorn was on top of me, kissing me hard and grinding her pussy on me. That was immediately followed by my husband, on his knees in the back seat mounting the Unicorn from behind. Our bodies were pressed together so tightly that I could feel the heat radiating between us. Our entangled bodies and heavy breathing had formed condensation on the windows. The pelleting rain added to the steamy atmosphere and inspired my husband to stick his cock inside the Unicorn. She wrapped her arms around me as if to hold on for the ride. He started to fuck her with slow forceful thrusts. This was driving her mad. Then he started to pound faster and harder, and I could hear the juices from her pussy gushing as he slapped up against her. She screamed, no word of a lie, “fuck my tight little pussy,” giggling and moaning repeatedly. All the while, my head was being knocked on the gear shift, as he continued to pound faster and harder until they both came. 

The late Thursday night first date ended up being a hot and — literally steamy — fuck fest in the back of an SUV Bimmer in a highway carpool parking lot! Our first LS experience was crazy fun and has enhanced our sex life exponentially. There have been several play dates with the magical Unicorn Librarian since. That unforgettable night, the suspension on the Bimmer went up and down!

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