Unexpected Craving for a Tattooed Girl for My Wife

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Most of the couples they meet reveal that it’s the male who introduces the swinging lifestyle into a relationship. In his case, it was the other way around.

My wife is a wild cat in bed. She talks about me having sex with other ladies when we make out. And the craziest part was, after one of our make-out sessions, I wasn’t so sure whether she actually needs it or not in reality. We used to have erotic make-out sessions with fantasies of hers. She used to tell me that she likes women, but never had we experienced bisexual fun. As an icebreaker, a family friend came into our house. She has fair skin with coloured tattoos all over her body, sensual lips, and a sexy body!! My wife had cooked a feast for the family friend, and before having food, we started with a couple of drinks. My sweet darling, after three shots of tequila, started dancing with the tattooed lady.

We men were engrossed in political conversations, but I soon after noticed my wife. She came to me and whispered, “flirt with her.” It was an unexpected erotic order from her, which I was in two minds… what if the guy feels awkward, and how does the lady feel? What if everything turns out weird? However, my wife, being the dominant lady, asked both the men to dance with them. Well, the tattooed lady and my wife were enjoying dancing, and suddenly they started kissing!!! Uffff!! That was one of the best scenes of my sweetheart’s kinkiness that I would love to frame in my mind!!! 

Both of us husbands were seeing our wives enjoying each other, and we sat down so they could give us a HOT show afterward. They were smooching passionately, kissing each other, and moaning sensually. We men were aroused seeing the erotic play by our wives. We went to our own wives and started kissing each other. My wild cat brought both our mouths to the lady, and we all kissed each other together. Then I kissed the lady madly while my wild cat was kissing the guy passionately. We both got onto other ends of the sofa and started enjoying each other’s wives and had a great swap moment. It was my wife’s craving for a tattooed girl that lead to a mind-blowing swap. She’s the best wife anyone could ever have!

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