Was Just Going to Fix the Internet Connection…

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Who knew that a routine repair job could send someone head-first into the swinging lifestyle?!

It was like 2001, and I was working for an internet company. We had steady customers, but the ones that spoke German and English were my responsibility. So, we had this German couple — John and Mary. Very polite and nice people. They lived for six months in Germany and six months in Greece. Mary called at the office, asking for me. They had an internet connection problem, and they wanted me to go and fix it. So, after office time, I went to their home because it was not far from mine. It was spring, and they did dress lightly.

John & Mary’s Home Visit

Mary welcomed me at the door. She was a good-looking lady, 40-45 years old. At the door, I noticed her big, hard nipples, but I acted as though I did not see anything. John was there, too, and we had a small chat. Meanwhile, I was fixing the problem on their computer. Mary asked me if I would like to drink something and went to the kitchen to bring me some water.

John came and sat next to me and put his hand on my shoulder. He asked me if he could ask me something a little bit personal. I said of course. He told me that he and his wife think that I’m a good guy and that he notices how I look at his wife most of the time when I’m in their home. Then he asked if I have ever had sex with a housewife in front of her husband. I was a little confused and did not know how to answer. I told him that his wife is a good-looking woman, and how could I not look with what she is wearing every time we meet? He smiled and told me that she was wearing all those tiny clothes so that I would notice her. I understood that this conversation would go to another level. 

So, John asked me if I would like to fuck his wife and that he would like to watch, and if all this would be OK with me. Mary was listening to all of this conversation from the kitchen door, but I was too confused with what I was hearing, so I did not notice her at all. It took me a while to ask John again if he has no problem with it, but his answer was just a big smile, and he asked Mary to come from the kitchen. She heard all of our conversation and came to sit on my lap. She told me that they wanted to ask me to have sex with them for a while and that they have been in the lifestyle for a long time.

We Finally Played Together

Mary kissed me and took my shirt off, and she let me play with her beautiful nipples. I took her top off and started to lick and suck her hard nipples and put my hands on those beautiful tits of hers. We got up from the office chair and went to the living room.

John took his place on a small sofa and took his cock out and played with it while watching his wife on her knees, taking care of my cock that was getting hard and exited with what was happing. She took my clothes off, and she stayed only in her g-string. We were on the carpet, kissing and licking each other until she got me on my back, and then she sat on my hard cock. John was telling us how he enjoys seeing her having a good time. We had great sex, and I was trying not to cum early to get more from her. She really knew what she wanted and how to get it. In the end, her husband and I came on her face and tits. 

We went for a shower without John, and after that, we had something to drink. “I cannot believe what happened!” I told them. She asked me if I would do that again with them, but next time John would play, too. I agreed, of course. 

After this great time, we met very often. They introduced me to more couples and single ladies, and I got invited to parties with them. John and Mary are the ones that put me in the swinger lifestyle, and I’m thankful that they did.

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