You Wanna Grab a Beer?

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His friend invited him out for a beer. He had no idea that it was going to be a night he’d never forget!

Never would I have ever thought I’d be in this type of situation. A friend I used to share a crib with as a baby — someone I’ve grown to know and trust into adulthood — turns to me and says, “there’s someone I’d like you to meet.” Puzzled by his words, we were just enjoying the night in the bar with a group of old friends. After not even a second to respond, a gentle touch glides across my back. “Hello, Desmon,” the sultry tone whispered into my ear. I turned to see one of the most breathtaking women I’ve seen in my lifetime.


She moves from around my side, placing herself in between my legs as I sit on a barstool, firmly grasping my drink. Her gorgeous smiling stretched from ear to ear. Her hair was long and brown, dangling just close enough to touch the top of her nice round ass. The shock of this beautiful woman in my presence caught me off guard. I turned to the small group of friends around me like a panicking middle schooler in front of the girl he likes. From the looks on their faces, I was invisible. The sheer beauty of this goddess seemed to have the same effect on the group.

“I’ve heard so much about you, and I’m glad to finally meet you in person.” “And you are?” I responded. “Esmeralda. Oh, Al didn’t tell you I was coming?” “Uh, no, he sure didn’t.” I turn to Al in disbelief and asked him, “wait, this is your girlfriend?” “Ya, man. Look, I have to run to my place and grab something real quick. I’ll be right back,” Al says. “You’re leaving already? It’s early.” “Don’t worry; I’ll be back. See you later, babe,” he says as he gives her a kiss before he leaves.

“OK, what was that about? Haven’t seen the guy in a few years, and he just leaves after an hour or two?” “He’s always doing something, but he likes to have fun, so trust me — he’ll be back.” We continued conversation that varied from small things to very extreme things in our lives. Al returned a few hours later, but only engaged in conversation with us once, saying, “I see you’re vibing over here,” directing it at her. He kisses her again and rubs my shoulder, then walking off. I thought it was odd that he’d be just mingling with random people while we were still here. I’d glance across the bar to see his whereabouts from time to time only to be met with Esmeralda’s piercing eyes locked onto me. This made me very uncomfortable, so I began to think, does he not notice this situation?

As time went on, I continued to drink to subdue the uncomfortable feeling I was having. She wasn’t hiding anything she was doing. She was treating me as if I was her boyfriend — the squeezing of my arms, the rubbing on my chest, and her hands constantly running up and down my thighs. Everything in me was saying, “just do it already; do what you’d normally do when a woman is coming on to you this strong.” I couldn’t. This was too close of a friend to do something like that. Feeling the pressure building, of course, I had to get more to drink.

It got to the point where they had to take me home with them. We enter their place, and I immediately make a bee-line for the couch, ripping off my shirt and kicking off my slacks, then just plopping down. A few moments later, I’m waking up to faint moaning sounds and the feeling of something dripping on my legs. I open my eyes, and Esmerelda is over me on all fours, squirting on me with Al standing behind her, fingering her from the back. Her soft nipples graze across my face as she moves back and forth. Her juices pouring onto my crouch ignite an immediate erection. The moonlight is peeking through the blinds, illuminating her skin as if she is glowing.

This Isn’t a Sleepover

“I hope you didn’t think you were gonna come over here and sleep. Wake up an show her how much I love her by giving her what she wants,” Al demands. Before uttering any words, she grasps my cock and inserts it into her mouth. She sucks hard and moans, clinching firm. With both hands, she strokes back and forth, and the act seems to entice her more with each stroke. Pulling it out of her mouth, she says, “I want it now.” She gets up, leading me to the bedroom. She lays down on her back and pulls me down on top of her. I turn to look at Al standing on the far side of the bedroom. I can hear the ice cubes hit the glass as he takes a drink. “Focus on me,” she says, straightening my face to face hers.

She presses her soft lips against mine while I run my finger through her hair then down her silky smooth skin, following the curves on her body. “Ooh, I love this shit,” she says. I move down to her chest, moving my tongue in circles around her nipples as I gently caress her clit. I begin to move my fingers faster and faster, feeling her body twist and turn. She suddenly grabs my wrist. “No, I don’t wanna cum like that. I want you in me.” I move on top of her and slide into her, feeling how unbelievably wet she is. Her back arches, and she says, “oh, fuck!”

We begin kissing again, and I stroke hard and deep. I place my hands under her hips, lifting her just a bit. “Faster,” she demands, clawing her nails into my asscheeks as she moans. I could feel myself slipping into wonderland as she seems to love everything I give her.

The ice hitting Al’s glass brings me back to reality. I slow my rhythm and turn slightly to him, too ashamed to fully look him in the eye. “I wouldn’t have invited you out tonight if this wasn’t gonna happen. Stop looking at me,” he says. “Focus on me and go faster!” Esmeralda demanded. The harder I went, the louder she screamed. Her body begins to tremble as she wraps her arms and legs around me. She squeezes me so tight until I feel her gushing all over me. I roll off of her to one side, both of us panting as if we’d just ran for miles staring up at the ceiling.

“Well, babe, don’t say I won’t do anything for you,” Al says, giggling as he walks out of the room. “Wait, what the hell is going on here,” I questioned? “You didn’t know we were swingers,” Esmeralda asks? “Uh, no, it wasn’t on the memo when he said let’s hang out and get some drinks.” “Well, this is something we do, and we want you to be a part of it. I do the same for him all the time. He’s had countless friends of mine were I’d just watch.” “Haha, I feel like this was my training day.” “In a way, it was!” Al shouts from the other room.

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