5 Lies We’re Told About The Female Orgasm SDC.com

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5 Lies We're Told About The Female Orgasm SDC.com

Instead of comparing ourselves to porn stars (actors) and fictional characters, a little re-education is all we need to feel more empowered and have better sex. Read on as we dispel some of the top myths about the female orgasm.

The female orgasm is a wondrous thing, but when it comes to understanding the phenomenon, misinformation abounds. From the exaggerated displays in mainstream porn to the sure-fire simultaneous and almost non-stop orgasms of Fifty Shades of Grey, it’s no surprise that confusion and feelings of inadequacy have become the norm.

Myth: The louder the screams, the bigger the orgasm.

Thanks to the fact that most of us learn what sex looks and sounds like through porn, we are misled into believing that earth-shattering screams are a sure-fire sign of female pleasure. This is simply not the case. The sounds we make during mind-blowing orgasms can vary from a satisfying sigh or deep exhale to piercing grunts and wails.

In fact, research now suggests that the noises women make in bed (or in the backseat of the car) are more related to their partners’ pleasure than their own. The vast majority of women (87%) report using their “copulatory vocalizations” (scientists love to make sex as unsexy as possible) to boost their partners’ egos and 66% scream and moan to speed up the process and get it over with already!

Myth: Women take much longer to reach orgasm than men.

I’ve heard many a frustrated man complain that women are a lot of work, but this isn’t always the case. When it comes to intercourse, women certainly take longer to reach orgasm, but while masturbating, women only take an average of one minute longer to climax.

Intercourse isn’t always designed for female pleasure, so think about getting your hands, mouths and vibrating props involved in partnered sex to heighten orgasmic response.

Enjoy and remember to always practice safer sex!https://www.sdc.com/sex/regular/lies-were-told-about-the-female-orgasm/

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