Party Time with SDC at Montréal’s Taboo Sex Show 2020

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Each year, the Taboo Sex Show comes to Montreal, and SDC makes a splash with our exhibitor’s section on the trade show floor.

This January 2020, members of our SDC team flew in from different countries around the world to partake in the sexy atmosphere and help us introduce the open-minded lifestyle to people and couples curious to explore open relationships. 

And we had a blast!

Bigger and Better!

SDC Montreal Taboo Show 2020

January is wintertime in Montreal, Canada, but Taboo Sex Show attendees and exhibitors alike were all hot and cozy inside Place Bonaventure, right in the heart of downtown.

Last year’s booth for the 2019 Salon de l’Amour et de la Séduction show was the most popular hotspot at the event. We created a Libertine Zone (in French, Zone Libertine) that included an actual playroom for open-minded people, a dance floor equipped with DJs, live entertainment, and other exhibitors linked to the swinging community in Montreal. We made Canadian history — it was the first time ever that there was a playroom in a “public” space.

This year, we went even bigger. We expanded the curtained-off playroom space, run by l’Orage Club – Espace Libertin, created a more spacious dance area to accommodate partygoers, featured a 3D pornographic cinema and play space, and offered penis and vulva molds for people to decorate with paint, glitter and more. A little something erotic for everyone to experience, no matter their level of experience in an open lifestyle.

Sexy Seminars

SDC Montreal Taboo Show 2020 Lexi Sylver    SDC Montreal Taboo Show 2020 Lexi Sylver 

Taboo Sex Show events always feature an educational portion, with live seminars presented by experts in their field. 

I was thrilled to be among the presenters, along with renowned sexologist Dr. Jess and a few other speakers.

I had the pleasure of presenting seven times on fun topics that really drew a crowd: Swinging 101 (aka Open Relationships 101), The Art of Sexting, and How to Seduce with Body Language.

It probably comes as no surprise to anyone, but my Swinging 101 seminars were the most popular of my presentations. After each was done, couples came up to me to ask for help with some of their open relationship issues or trying to get advice when it comes to communicating with your partner about your comfort level, limits, boundaries, and more key topics in any ethically non-monogamous relationship.

Couples and individuals flocked to the SDC booth to get more information about how they can also start to explore the open lifestyle, eager to get started on their erotic journey with SDC.

SDC Montreal Taboo Show 2020 Lexi Sylver

SDC Team Building Fun

As you can see in the video, our SDC team had a blast catching up with each other, doing team-building activities (snowmobiling, anyone?!), and meeting to go over some ambitious upcoming projects. 

One of the things I love most about being part of SDC is feeling like part of a big family, with members all around the world. When we get together at conferences like the Taboo Sex Show or our team-building trip to Costa Rica, it’s always like a warm family reunion.

And a huge part of our SDC family is our members — all of our SDC members in so many different countries around the world. Our SDC team is constantly looking for new ways to enhance our users’ experience on our open-minded dating platform and media site. And rest assured — we’re cooking up very exciting new features for all of you to enjoy soon!

So if you’re not already an SDC member, don’t hesitate — join our SDC community today!

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