Body On Fire – COUPLES ONLY – Flirt 2 Roma Centro-Feb 29, 2020

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Body On Fire – COUPLES ONLY – Flirt 2 Roma Centro

General Party, Swingers Club Party

Date: Feb 29, 2020

Time: 22:30


Location: Lungotevere Marzio


Body On Fire - COUPLES ONLY - Flirt 2 Roma Centro-Feb 29, 2020 | Body On Fire - COUPLES ONLY - Flirt 2 Roma Centro-Feb 29, 2020


📠INFO FLIRT Club 2 – Rome Centre The International Lifestyle Club presents SATURDAY h. 10:30pm/05:00am COUPLES ONLY NIGHT ***BODY ON FIRE*** A catsuit night 🚻 Couples – 🚺 Single ladies By on specific request of couples, it is possible to accept max 3 single males I am no bird and no net ensnares me: I am a free human being with an independent will. – Charlotte Brontë 📠NOTES As usual for the FLIRT club, THE EVENT IS NOT OPEN TO EVERYONE and you will not find the exact address online, but it will be communicated only to those admitted to the club. To apply for membership, follow the registration process here: 👗 DRESS CODE To avoid unpleasant refusals at the entrance, all members respect the evening`s dress code: HIM: elegant shirt and trousers, or dress to impress. Total black is very welcome. NO coloured t-shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, etc. HER: sexy catsuit, bodystocking (full bodysuits in stretch mesh, close-fitting and transparent utra) and high heels. ATTENTION: NO pants/leggings, low heels etc. After 1:00am only lingerie. Those without it can find the required outfit at the entrance (from € 20) The management reserves the right of admission in case the dress code is not appropriate to the event. 💰 FEES First-time people will pay membership card + event look at the promotions EVENT REDUCED FEES valid only for those who respect the dress code* COUPLES AND SINGLE LADIES € 90 – Supporter members € 70 – Ordinary members (under 47 y.o.) € 50 – Under 35 y.o. € 0 – Single women € 220 – VIP members *CAUTION: The fees, FOR THOSE WHO DO NOT RESPECT THE DRESS CODE will be increased by € 20 at the checkout, without exception. In addition, they will be increased by € 20, even for those who do not respect the rule of lingerie to the sound of the bell. However, access is not guaranteed if the outfit is not appropriate for the club. 💳 MEMBERSHIP CARD The membership card to the Flirt club prive is valid for 12 months from the subscription and is mandatory for all those who wish to participate in the club`s activities and events and acceptance is not automatic. THE FLIRT CLUB IS NOT OPEN TO ALL. The card is valid for both locations and for on tour events. € 70 – Card for Couple € 35 – Card for Single ➡ PROMOTIONS Promotions valid for this event @Flirt club 2 ➡ PROMO couple NEW MEMBERS (under 35) The first time the new members both under 35, they only pay membership cards 70 € per couple and they are guests for parties ➡ PROMO couple NEW MEMBERS (ordinary and supporters) The first time the new ordinary members and supporters, they pay only € 120 per couple cards and party included OTHER EXCLUSIVE ADVANTAGES FOR OUR MEMBERS: ➡ FREE ENTRY for couples, on Sunday from 19:00 Couples who participate in Flirt 1 or Flirt 2 on Saturday are guests at FLIRT club 2 on Sunday from h. 19:00, with aperitif included ➡ € 40 DISCOUNT for couples and singles, for the immediately following party. participating in 2 consecutive events, couples and singles members can take advantage of the € 40 discount on the second party. ATTENTION: the promotions cannot be combined 📢 SUBSCRIPTION – HOW TO SAVE MONEY Do you want to save money? Choose your MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION, includes all the Flirt club 2 – Roma Centro parties! info & prices: ⏱ SCHEDULE To participate in the activities of the flirt club, booking is always necessary. TIMEABLE FOR THIS EVENT IN CENTRAL ROME 10:30pm Opening hours 1:00am Ladies will wear only lingerie 5:00am Closing time

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