CandYs Adventures – Winter White- House Party-Feb 29, 2020

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CandYs Adventures – Winter White- House Party

Fetish Party, General Party, Meet & Greet, Swingers Club Party

Date: Feb 29, 2020

Time: 20:00

Jesse Grajeda



CandYs Adventures - Winter White- House Party-Feb 29, 2020 | CandYs Adventures - Winter White- House Party-Feb 29, 2020


Single males: if you have been to our lifestyle basics class you may add your name.. If you have not Please see the `Single Males` section of our website and follow its directions before adding yourself to our guest list. If you haven`t followed the directions and we see you on our guest list, you will be removed and barred from all future events, plain and simple. Come celebrate with us this February 29 for `Winter White` Party. As you know anything goes for costume ….As your host we always to be in theme.. cuz its lots of fun.. Note: Costume is not necessary to attend party as it is only a suggestion – but it is really fun to be something or someone else….. Be you new, be you old, be you timid, be you bold, it`ll be an evening of social and playful fun all told! Will you come, or will you not, will you see what it is we`ve got? We`ve got food, we`ve got fires, we`ve got rooms for enjoying your desires. You can stand, you can sit, you can impress others with your wit. (Or tit, if you`ve got a really crazy one!) You`ll meet others, they`ll meet you, who knows what then you`ll do? Being tidy, being clean, are just as important as being seen. Keep mints handy, in case of kisses, or later they`ll be giving you misses. Now that we have that doggerel done, time for the bits that are less fun. Heads up, we will need to confirm that you are attending so that we can have an accurate head count. If we can`t confirm you, you will be removed from the guest list. Sorry! Here is the info that you will need to make life a lil` bit easier Please confirm by the Thursday before the Party`s date this will make our life a bit easier I will need to speak with those couples, single females and New single males wishing to attend and before being confirmed for our party Please text or call at 925-570-7371 Couples, Single females – We will need to speak to you prior to you attending When – Saturday Feb 29, 2020 For those that are new, either to our events and/or the Lifestyle, please arrive at 7:00pm that we can go over the basic rules for our events. Also the meet and greet starts at 7:15pm for those who wish to meet your new or old friends and reconnect. Party starts at 8pm and ends at 1:30am Location – Livermore, CA (Address to be provided to confirmed guests) Cost – Couples – $ 50.00 Single Females – $ 10.00 Single Men – $ 70.00 (if you have been to our lifestyle basics class Alternate Contact – 925-570-7371 For more info – go to We will be providing – Condoms, lube, ice, water, cups, and most of the appetizer.. but more is always welcome to feed the animals. Food – We will have appetizers and some food on hand to consume and if you wish to bring an appetizer to dessert to share that would be great but not necessary. towels if you`re messy or interested in showering, your favorite drinks, and a bag or backpack to keep your goodies in. Ladies, we suggest you bring another pair of comfy shoes and perhaps a change of clothes that you can lounge around in. Yes, we love the CFM`s, but we know your feet will be hurting after 30 minutes or so and we`d rather have you comfy. A few more thing that will help make the night an awesome one – Please remember the Following Respect all boundaries – be sure to ask if you are unaware. Some folks may have just started exploring and are venturing for their first time. Don`t be the bad experience that scares them away. Ask before you touch… ALWAYS ASK. No means NO!!! Do not be aggressive. Be respectful. Remember the above. If you have any questions, please contact us either by email or call – Chuy & Yvette FORUMS

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