Super Lingerie Valentines Rewind Party-Feb 29, 2020

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Super Lingerie Valentines Rewind Party

General Party, Swingers Club Party

Date: Feb 29, 2020

Time: 20:30




Super Lingerie Valentines Rewind Party-Feb 29, 2020 | Super Lingerie Valentines Rewind Party-Feb 29, 2020


TONIGHT happens just once every 28 years That is the 29th February occurring on a SATURDAY, so tonight LIBS INTEND TO MAKE IT VERY SPECIAL Tonight will be a special SUPER LINGERIE VALENTINE REWIND PARTY TONIGHT ladies we ask that you wear that VERY SPECIAL LINGERIE that you may have received for Christmas or a Birthday or bought in just one extravagant moment. It may be you would never imagine wearing it outside, well TONIGHT you can wear it at LIBS BUT you know that when you wear it, you’re the BOSS and men are just putty in your hands, because BOSS this is your DAY. NO QUESTION ABOUT IT Because it is such a SPECIAL night at LIBS you WILL NOT be welcomed with a glass of our award winning bubbly but with the COMPLIMENTS of LIBS you will receive a FREE BOTTLE of our special award winning Prosecco. But there are conditions attached. Only you will be served your bottle of Bubbly by our bar staff as normal but you must be wearing that OH SO SPECIAL LINGERIE at the time. So get changed early and start teasing you partner and perhaps every one else early on. Our special luxury buffet will give everyone plenty of energy to last the evening. Our DJ will create a superb atmosphere to ensure your night is memorable.

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