From Winter Tire to Summer Vagina

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From Winter Tire to Summer Vagina

Sometimes magazines miss the point with the headline of an article. The internet breaks down completely on the “Summer Vagina” of Teen Vogue.

Vulnerable Teenage Girls

That we are very busy with the vagina (shaving, rinsing) may be known. But the American Teen Vogue goes very far. The magazine already published an article ‘How to Get Your Best Summer Vagina Ever’ in 2018 and recently posted it again on Twitter. That generated quite a few responses on the internet.

“Summer Vagina”

One of the major objections of the respondents is that young girls get the idea that they have to do something about their vagina to keep it healthy and ‘ready for the summer.’ “As if it is dangerous not to do anything about your vagina.”

But it was mainly the word ‘summer vagina’ that turned out to be the source of annoyance for many, and reason for hilarious reactions from others.
“My spring vagina still works fine,” was one of the comments. The question also arose whether an article about falling acorns would be made in the winter. Others suggested storing the vagina with the winter tires in the winter or providing it with a cool glass of rosé in the summer. A male Twitterer wanted to know how to get a summer penis as quickly as possible.

The Article

In the article, the magazine examines the irritations that sun, water, sand, and sweat can cause for the intimate zone. It could lead to a disruption of the pH level, resulting in bacterial infections. Tips are given to get sand out of your vagina by ‘rins[ing] briefly in the shower,’ that it is best to take off wet swimsuits quickly, and that your insect spray is better on your underwear than on your vagina.

By the way, there is a tip not to have sex with a penis and / or vagina, which may help the girls ‘really’ keep their vagina healthy under the sun.

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