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Disclaimer: I received samples of the products mentioned hereafter to review for SDC.com. I was not directly compensated for this review… except, of course, for the great sex!

My husband and I are what could be considered product junkies. We’ve tried a variety of toys, tools, gizmos, and plenty of lubes and other stimulating products over the years. So, when we were asked to review a “delay spray” called Promescent for decreasing penile sensitivity, there were mixed reactions from us both. It’s fun to try new things for the bedroom that increase the range of sensations that we can apply to and for each other. But, we kept an open mind as we always do, and we’re so glad we did!

What is Promescent?

Promescent makes a variety of pleasure products, but their flagship item is their Delay Spray, a lidocaine spray that’s designed to decrease the degree of sensitivity experienced in the most receptive areas of the penis. It’s a clever product with no detail missed, and we’ll get into more about the spray in a bit. The other items shipped to us in our experience kit included the Female Arousal Gel and Promescent Water-Based Lubricant.

Promescent Sexual Wellness Pleasure Products Delay Spray Arousal Gel Lubricant

Our Research

We’re the kind of couple that tends to linger in our senses, taking things slow and deliberate. This presented an interesting challenge when considering how we were going to explore something like a delay spray, since premature ejaculation is something we don’t experience. Here’s something we can point out, however, now that we’ve tried it: we all tend to be too much in our heads! This problem can send penis-having folks down a variety of distracting paths — from getting overexcited and releasing early, to getting lost in your thoughts and losing an erection. Promescent has a set of products that help keep your mind on your pleasure and that of your partner(s). Here’s our he said / she said story of how we put the products to the test, and how we anticipate using Promescent in the future.

Female Arousal Gel

The tube is similar to standard lipgloss packaging, making it not only easy to use but discreet if left logo-side-down on the nightstand. A little goes a long way — just a pea-sized amount, as suggested. You can always apply more later. There are up to 75 uses in this tiny 15mL tube! Promescent recommends using their Female Arousal Gel at the onset of foreplay, and we did just that.

Promescent Female Arousal Gel

She Said: I’m no stranger to trying sensation-inducing products, but this gel actually worked for me, and in a pleasurable way. My skin is quite sensitive, so I was pleasantly surprised when I spread the gel and felt virtually nothing on first contact — no burning, no stinging, just a light and gentle gel. The gel is not a lubricant, and it absorbed quickly and cleanly.

A moment after application, the first sensations started developing. Mildly warming, I could feel the blood flow increasing to the area. The hand I used to apply the gel was unaffected, and yet I could reinvigorate the warmth every time I hovered my hand over my vagina. It was intriguing and fun to play with the sensations.

Once I felt that the Arousal Gel had taken full effect, my now-eager husband was ready to see how I’d respond to his touch.

He Said: The very nature of using a product like this acts as a reminder to slow down, take your time, and explore gentle sensations with your partner during the lead-up to sex. That, I think, is probably the best and most fun part of these products. After some soft touching, massaging, and teasing, she seemed very receptive to more. The Female Arousal Gel didn’t leave any sticky or tacky residue and had no discernible taste. I checked. Thoroughly. For science.

Delay Spray

She Said: After the first time he came up for air after enjoying my very responsive vagina, it was time to try the Delay Spray. It takes about ten minutes for the lidocaine to absorb and dampen the nerves, so he applied the recommended minimum of three sprays. What to do for ten minutes? Well, he loves giving me oral so I, in my state of heightened arousal, thoroughly enjoyed the lingering attention. By the way, the Arousal Gel was still doing its job twenty or so minutes later…

He Said: The product comes in a cleverly designed, small spray bottle. You’ll need to remove a little tab over the spray opening, then push a safety-lock button on the back before twisting the top to open. This locking system makes it ideal for travel or being kept in a pocket, as it won’t accidentally spray all over the place. As per instructions, you spray it directly to sensitive areas and let it sit for ten minutes. This is a perfect time to spend on your partner with the Arousal Gel. I noticed a cooling sensation, but it wasn’t unpleasant and didn’t distract me from my partner. After the allotted time, I simply went into the bathroom and wiped the area clean with a wet washcloth.

Promescent Delay Spray

I could tell my sensations down there were dampened, but I was far from numb. It didn’t affect in the least my ability to… rise to the occasion (something that crossed my mind as a possibility). I could feel even the gentlest of touches, and everything still felt pleasurable, just… lessened slightly — the volume turned down just a little. I only used the minimum recommended three sprays, so I imagine if I ever needed or desired less sensation, I could adjust that in the future. There are 60 sprays in the 7.4mL bottle, so I’ll have plenty of chances to dial in my dosage.

During sex, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was actually more able to focus on both my own pleasure and the pleasure of my partner. Now, I’m not normally the jack-hammer type. But you don’t take a sports car out for a test drive without giving it a little gas. So, again, for science, I went a bit more aggressively than I normally would. I was pleased to find that the Delay Spray worked as promised!

Promescent Water-Based Lubricant

Promescent Water-Based Lubricant

He Said: We live in Wisconsin, USA. At the time of this writing, it’s the middle of winter. It’s cold here, and our heat runs almost constantly. The air is dry, even with a humidifier running. Most lubes end up sticky or tacky as they begin to dry out. We didn’t really notice that with this one. Of course, it’s water-activated, so maybe it was just the Arousal Gel working better than we thought…

She Said: Oh, right! The lube! I almost didn’t need it, but I’m glad we had some handy. Our rather atypical positions and methods that we were using this time called for some assistance. Despite being thoroughly used by this point, my vagina didn’t burn at all when I applied the Promescent Water-Based Lubricant — a rare occasion, even with sensitive formulas. In the spirit of science, I also decided to taste it and was pleased to find it neutral and mildly perfumey-sweet. I’ll use Promescent lubricants for future oral and hand play. We noticed that there are organic and silicone options as well, which I’ve now added to our wish list.

Our Promescent Impressions

She Said: Having the Promescent Female Arousal Gel and Delay Spray as a set really enhanced our session. It created a sense of ritual, and this change of mindset is so essential in letting go and immersing yourselves in the moment. I enjoyed the increased pleasure responses in us both, and I could see these products being a welcome addition to our erotic lifestyle play, too. All of the items we tried are available in plane-friendly travel sizes, so they’re easy to bring to parties, clubs, resorts, etc. My mind is spinning with scenarios… *browses upcoming SDC events.*

He Said: I agree. I’d definitely recommend this product line, especially in combination. It’s not just for people looking to improve their staying power, either. These products are enhancements to wherever you and your partner are at right now. It seems to me that if you experience occasional or frequent issues with premature ejaculation, you’re likely to see pretty dramatic results. The fewer issues you have in this area, the less dramatic the improvement, but it’ll be improvement nonetheless. In the non-monogamous lifestyle, especially, this can be particularly helpful. You know the old threesome joke asking, “why would I want to disappoint TWO women?” Well, that won’t be much of a worry with Promescent.


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