GAMES of SWINGERS from 5-00 pm-Mar 08, 2020

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GAMES of SWINGERS from 5-00 pm-Mar 08, 2020

GAMES of SWINGERS from 5-00 pm

General Party, Swingers Club Party

Date: Mar 08, 2020

Time: 17:00


Location: via di Monte Testaccio 89



Every Sunday starting from 05.00 in the afternoon will begin in the most exclusive club in central Rome, THE GAMES of SWINGERS. The erotic aperitif in Rome. Buffet, and from 08.00 pm aperitif buffet. SDC convention Couples entrance € 40.00. Single man admission € 100.00 Single woman entrance € 20.00 Two drinks per person are included, necessary for the spa, afternoon buffet and buffet dinner. The card is mandatory and has a price of € 20.00 valid all year round for both locations of the Bad Romance club. Kisses from the owner Alessia Rossini

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