Centering Brownness, Policing Sex, and Cuddling

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Amina talks about her two-day event Atlanta Tantra Festival and discusses how essential sexuality — and its authentic, unfiltered expression — is for women in the brown and queer communities.

Welcome to the Fix Your Sex podcast. Mostly recovered from Atlanta Tantra Festival, Amina returns from her hiatus to discuss the possibility of centering brownness in tantric sex education, policing brown sexuality online, and finding your sexual voice.

She begins with her Pro-Hoe Tip for sexual health educators and advocates about how to promote your sexuality and brand shamelessly and intelligently. Atlanta Tantra Festival is the focus of much of this episode, so if you’re curious about this two-day event, tune in to learn more. Who better to hear from about this incredible sexual experience than the founder and organizer? The tantra community needed a space for brownness, and queerness within sacred sexuality, and thus, the Atlanta Tantra Festival was born. It is the accessible and affordable tantra event and workshop series that the community needs.

Amina segues into the topic of sexual language and expression on social media and how educators are being stifled and removed for posting “sexual” content, and she notices how brown bodies are targeted in this censorship effort of SESTA-FOSTA. And it’s not just nudity — they’re removing posts with sexual language and sensual covered bodies. Such over-policing is hindering women’s sexual exploration and expression, and it’s teaching voluptuous women that their bodies are vulgar. We’re designed for pleasure, and Amina expresses the importance of touching yourself. 

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