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I had been in the Lifestyle a few years when I started dating Lynne. She knew about it but had never experienced anything truly kinky. She considered herself bi-curious, but had only fooled around a couple of times as a pillow princess or was the other woman in a threesome with more attention from the guy. We had open and honest communication, and she decided she was ready to try more. I asked her to come to a local place called The Rooftop for an afternoon of fun and relaxation. Before we left the house, Lynne said to me, “I don’t care what you do, but I’m NOT getting naked!” I agreed that she should only do what she feels comfortable with, and we got in the car. The Rooftop is a Swinger and Nudist Hotel with a clothing-optional pool on the roof. We parked out front, and again, before we got out of the car, she looked me in the eye and said, “Remember — I’m NOT going around anywhere naked.” Again, I agreed, and we walked in.

The guy upfront recognized me and welcomed Lynne. The lobby is the only thing on the ground floor, and you need to take the elevator to anywhere in the hotel. While we were waiting for the worlds slowest elevator, she looked at the sign on the wall ‘Clothing Optional Anywhere on Property is Allowed.’ She looked at me, smiling, and just shook her head. I asked if we could stop on the second floor for a minute because I needed to use the bathroom. She agreed, and we stepped out into an open lobby with two playrooms to the right, four regular rooms to the left, and a bar in the back. Breakfast had just finished and people were casually strolling by fully nude. She had a seat at a table while I went into the bathroom. I came out a few minutes later wearing only my hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, and sandals. Her jaw dropped and said, “you’re not going to really walk around like that, are you?” I said, “Why Not?” She shook her head, and, as we were waiting for the elevator to the rooftop pool, she repeated, “You can do what you want, but I am NOT getting naked.”

The doors opened and we were alone for the three-minute ride from the second to the sixth floor and rode in silence — her just looking me up and down like I was crazy. Keep in mind, we are both bigger people and not nearly Ken or Barbie. 

The elevator doors opened into a little alcove off the pool. We turned the corner, and she kind of stopped to take it all in. All around the pool, there were people of almost every age group, body type, color, and orientation. I found a couple of chairs and put our bag and towels down. I told her I was going for a dip and asked if she was joining. She looked around, took off her robe, dropped her bathing suit, and jumped in right next to me in her full birthday suit! After I picked my jaw up off the ground, I followed her in. I asked her what happened to, “I am NOT getting naked!” She laughed and said it is a woman’s right to change her mind. I then told her she may want to put some sunscreen on her body where it has never seen the sun, and she told me she didn’t need it — after all, “we would only be there a little while.” Six hours and second-or-third-degree-sunburns later on very sensitive nipples, I had a convert!

We started going almost every other week to the point where we were invited to a public pool party, and I asked her which suit she wanted to bring. She looked at me and said, “it’s a pool — why do we need suits?”

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