Lockdown Boredom? Time for a Q-Soiree!

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Lockdown Boredom? Time for a Q-Soiree!

We don’t know about you, but we sure miss all the action and sexy parties around town and across the globe. So, we thought to offer up a bit of playdate night experience at home that will loosen the mood yet tighten the connection to one another at the same time. There is no better time like the present!

Quarantine time has hit us all over the world, and even though we’re ideally all safe in our homes, some of us more extroverted swingers are getting some ants in the sweatpants, or perhaps even experience a glitch in the itch. In the news, we read that this that lockdown situation is negatively affecting our libido, so it’s all the more important to keep that spark plugged and rekindle the flame.

After the Big Binge

Of course, you don’t really need an excuse to glam it all up, dance it out, and rub each other the right way. However, in times of quarantine, it’s surprisingly easy to let the boredom get to you and lounge around in sweatpants all day and eating bags of chips. So, when you have binge-watched everything worthwhile on Netflix, it’s high time to stir things up and make an intimate Q-Soiree happen, complete with clinking glasses and all the trimmings in the comfort of your own home.

Prep Time!

Order new outfits and/or exciting toys online for surprising your other half. Send a provocative or downright dirty sexting invite to your crush to up the sexual tension. Less is more, so keep it short but super sexy. Make sure to set the scene and have little prying eyes tucked away for the night.

Steps to Success

1. Throw on something sexy or glamorous that makes you feel good. You can also decide on a specific theme and wear your sexy party theme outfits instead.

2. Start the evening by dining out while staying in. Prepare a romantic spot other than the usual dining table and light some candles.

3. Queue up one or more sexy bedroom playlists to put you in that naughty mood. Look for playlists like R&B Bedroom, Sexy Time, or even Sexy Dance if you’re up for some vertical time before you ravage your partner.

4. Master the art of mixology now that the bartender is most likely also quarantined elsewhere and prepare a sexy drink, like a Slippery Nipple, Screaming Orgasm, Leg Spreader, or why not a simple Screwdriver? 

5. To add to the fun, set up a virtual Sexy Q-Party with old or new friends in the SDC video chatroom. Don’t forget that you can even announce them beforehand so that others that join are in the same theme!

6. Selfie time! Share a picture or video of yourselves on the site and show us all your Q-Party or Parties in action.

The time to party and travel will come again, so until then, we wish you health and a sexy time together while being physically apart from others!


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