How To: Flog Like a Boss

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How To: Flog Like a Boss

As many of you know from listening to our podcast, I (Brenna) love being flogged! The sensation it provides, especially in conjunction with more sensual elements like fingering or licking. In this blog post, we will attempt to provide a brief tutorial on how to flog like a boss, and hopefully bring your partner to ecstasy!

Choosing the Right Flogger

First things first: You must choose the right flogger for you. That determination must be made based on the sensation your bottom (the person experiencing the impact play) desires. Differences in materials, weight, quality, and length of strips will result in very different feelings. For example, heavier floggers (usually made with real leather) are typically more thud-y, and less stingy.

I personally prefer the heavy floggers, because they feel like a sexy, deep tissue massage when done correctly. Lighter floggers have a snappy sensation, and often leave more of a sting when administered. Many people, especially those that enjoy painful elements during play, will prefer those lighter options. It is important to talk with your bottom or sub about their preference and desired sensation before making your purchase.

Choosing the Right Boundaries

Next, like any type of play in the BDSM world, it is essential that you understand safety and proper use of any tools before play begins. With a flogger, due to many different tails having the ability to go haywire and hit in places they should not be hitting, we recommend using an inanimate object to complete some target practice.

Start with a sharp wrist snap, pulling back quickly on the flogger. Doing so will help to ensure that the tails land on their intended target. When completing your practice, also work on the pace and consistency of your movements. My favorite part of flogging is the rhythm that can be created by an experienced flogger. It puts me in what I can best describe as a trance.

Trust me, your bottom/sub will appreciate your ability to create that rolling of tails on and off of their body.

Flogging Tips

Next, we will provide some tips for when it’s time for play.

Tip No.1: The biggest misconception about impact play is that it should be concentrated on the ass. Although that may seem sexiest to the top, it is not usually the preference of the bottom. For me personally, I appreciate my top starting the impact play on my back, working down to my ass, and even past to the back of my thighs. The impact feels very different depending on where on the body it is being impacted, so that variety in location can be so delightful.

Tip No.2: Start soft and work your way up. Flogging is like adding salt to a recipe: You can always add salt, but you can’t take it away. Your bottom can easily communicate (and should) that they would prefer harder impact, but it is impossible to take back a strike that hurts in a bad way. Continuously ask your bottom if the impact is still feeling good, and make adjustments accordingly.

Tip No.3: Add more sensual elements in between floggings. For example, a nice rub of the clit between the legs of your partner (assuming this is a sexual interaction) can be the perfect addition to a long flogging session. Ask your partner ahead of time about what pleasurable elements they would prefer either during or immediately after being flogged.

For more specifics on BDSM play, how to communicate your needs and desires to your partner, or other personalized information, we will soon be launching one-on-one alternative sex and relationship tutorials! Stay tuned!

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