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General Party, Pool Party

Date: Aug 20, 2020

Time: 22:00

Secret Location





Because we all find it very long to wait twelve months to live each year the liberal event par excellence of southern Europe, I´M A WONDERFUL WOMAN, and because the island of passion and lust finally deserves small private parties, liberal, elegant, sensual and discreet where to enjoy the most elementary pleasures of life. Because we like to play, fantasize, enjoy, feel alive. And do it with other liberal couples in our environment and our profile. Welcome to the PETITWONDERFUL. Six unique occasions, one a month during the 2020 Ibiza summer season, for a small group of 50 people. Are you ready to live it in the first person? The PETITWONDERFUL share some of the characteristics that make I´M A WONDERFUL WOMAN an essential event: an always secret and discreet location that is only revealed to the guests and only 48 hours before the event a specific access time and limit, so that everything flows at the same rate a select and closed group of guests who feel sexy outside and inside and with a cheerful and inclusive attitude providing the best of each and, above all, with the organization in the hands of the same Ibizan couples, couples who do it for the pure pleasure of fun, non-profit, with no more objective than to have an exceptionally good time. When? Five Saturdays and one Thursday. In May, Saturday 30. In June, Saturday 13. In July, Saturday 11. In August, Thursday 20, pre Wonderful. In September, Saturday 19. And in October, to say goodbye to the summer season, Saturday 10. Five Saturdays and one Thursday, six essential appointments to add to your plans this summer. In what schedule? Always starting at 10 pm, with access allowed only until 11 pm. Then the doors of the enclosure will be closed to achieve, together, that everything flows at the same rate. Where? In a secret location that is only revealed to the guests of the event and only 48 hours before the start. Always in a country villa: Ibiza in its purest and most authentic state. The PETITWONDERFUL, like its older brother, the I´M A WONDERFUL WOMAN event, is organized non-profit, but with the hope that all expenses throughout the six events will be covered. The Ibiza couples who organize them are happy and enjoy spending time and pampering at these parties and we are the first to enjoy them intensely. Therefore, we thank you for making the reservations and the payment of the tickets as far in advance as possible and, also, let us know if some of you cannot contribute financially to the maintenance of these events but can contribute instead what make these parties unique nights. We will be happy to read your emails and find a formula that includes us all. Feel that you give your best and you will receive the best of others. Bring your best smile, your best manners. Leave the sterile discussions at home and prepare simply to play, to be happy, to laugh and to enjoy. No openings The PETITWONDERFUL only comes to enjoy.

© Copyright 2020 SDC All rights reserved

© Copyright 2020 SDC All rights reserved

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