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General Party, Meet & Greet, Pool Party

Date: Aug 22, 2020

Time: 19:00

Secret Location



I--M A WONDERFUL WOMAN 2020-Aug 22, 2020 SDC.com | I--M A WONDERFUL WOMAN 2020-Aug 22, 2020 SDC.com


ALL TICKETS for this amazing party in the last years were SOLD OUT. We would advise you to do not wait until the end to book your invitations “A little click activates the senses when eroticism puts the brain to work. Long ago Eros stopped being a god damn in these Mediterranean latitudes. Paradoxically, in this corner of the map that is called Ibiza, heiress in culture and customs of the civilization that bequeathed the ancient Greeks, pleasure was always seen with suspicion, prejudice that has long been shattered. In fact, today many identify Ibiza as a paradise of eroticism and lovers of advancing a step further in their games as a couple have found on the island the perfect evening to unleash the joy without losing the way sophistication, the dart that always hides under the sleeve who was born for the art of seduction. I`M AWONDERFULWOMAN is a date impossible to replicate. Its fame has been growing whispering to whispering among liberal couples around the world and is today -no doubt- reference and appointment among the European swinger community`. SDL Magazine. I`M A WONDERFUL WOMAN is held once a year and will coming back on August 22th 2020, with a select and closed group of guests who feel sexy on the outside and inside. Coming back with renewed illusions are the signs of identity that make it a unique eventwhere fun, eroticism and good taste are guaranteed. In a secret location that only will be reveals 72 hours before the event and where everything is prepared in detail for maximum enjoyment of two hundred lucky guests, with swinger couples and single girls coming from all over the world who year after year make a pilgrimage to the island of Ibiza to be part of a unique event. An event in which a team of fifty staff among organizers, artists, waiters and hostess, and with the cheerful and inclusive guest attitude, where each of us participating in I`M A WONDERFUL WOMAN we bring the best of ourselves to be part and protagonist of an essential event. The 2020 edition will repeat the scheme that has worked so well in previous editions, starting before sunset. Only one premise, the access schedule is very specific so that the atmosphere flows at the same pace for everyone. I`M A WONDERFUL WOMAN will open the doors at 7 pm. It will be time to welcome the couples and liberal women with their most elegant and sexy beach sets. They will wear hers delicate beach sets, bikinis, beach robes, one piece swim suits, sunglasses and jewelry. They will be wearing his swimsuits, long sleeved shirts gathered on the arms, sunglasses and pendants. An informal dress code but at the same time very studied and arranged. Do you know how you dress when you go to a top Ibiza beach club that sometimes we even dress up more than to go out to a fine restaurant? Well, that is exactly how we wish to welcome you to this year`s edition! Remember to give the best of yourselves from the beginning and you will quickly receive the best of others. When arriving at the event location all the guests will wear their best beach clothes, in a hippy-chic Ibiza style. But at nightfall only the sensual lingerie should shine in its entire splendor. The rhythm of change of clothes will be marked by the hostess girls, simply follow their rhythm, when their dress gives passage to lingerie specially designed for the occasion. Are you ready to live in the first person an epic, elegant and sensual event to the rhythm of a chill-out sessions prepared especially for the occasion? The music will not be missing in the interior of the location and in the playrooms. Music for the ears that camouflage the most intimate gasps. Should we fantasize? Lingerie, bikinis, panties and a tank top, satin, jewels that decorate the necks complementing the lingerie that partially covers the skin, heels, layers of linen, robe, bodies… or simply naked bodies, adorned with a few drops of perfume. Everything is worth, with the utmost respect, in an event of fun and passion, to seek primary sensations, to play as a couple or in a group and to realize your most intimate fantasies. Let yourself be carried away by the influence of a relaxed atmosphere, by that considered by the prestigious magazine “Pacha” as the most successful event `in the most select liberal circles in Europe.` Just feel that you are part of I`M A WONDERFUL WOMAN.

© Copyright 2020 SDC www.sdc.com. All rights reserved

© Copyright 2020 SDC www.sdc.com. All rights reserved


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