Doing “The Work”

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Doing "The Work"

It can feel impossible to process certain challenges in your life, and there is no handbook on how to live with HSV. Courtney Brame shares how he’s navigating his HSV+ life in this powerful episode.

Something Positive for Positive People Podcast Episode 123

Closing out the inside look of my process of doing “the work” on myself, I give you what I learned over my week off my HOnMyChest social media, an inside look at what my dating life has been, and then the conclusion to it all. I followed that up with a discovery I made as a result of talking through everything you hear here. To top it all off, I share the best piece of advice I ever received, which is to just know when to shut the f*** up.

If nothing else is taken from this episode, I say keep in mind to hold intention over expectation at heart. My healing process is ongoing, as yours should be. Replace any of my experiences with what you are facing, and maybe it’ll be a template for you to fill in blanks.

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