American Sex Podcast Episode 47: Raven Roxx – Transgender Adult Performer

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American Sex Podcast Episode 47: Raven Roxx - Transgender Adult Performer

Raven Roxx was the epitome of masculinity until just a few years ago. Now she’s a drop dead gorgeous adult performer living her best life. Ken and Sunny talk to Raven about her former conservative lifestyle as a married man in the military, the lengths she went to denying her sexual orientation and gender identity, and the explosive confrontation that lead to Raven’s secret transition and eventual coming out.

Raven also tells us how the Veterans Administration helped with her transition and gives advice for transgender veterans navigating military healthcare.

Ken and Sunny learn of damning accusations against the OneTaste Orgasmic Meditation organization and discuss their experience filming a segment for their TV show at the OneTaste San Francisco Headquarters.

Guest Bio

Raven is a short, bubbly Chrissy from Three’s Company type transsexual from way up in the northeastern US. She spent most of her adult life as a boy, and it wasn’t until she reached her mid 30s that she started admitting to herself that she was transgender. Once she did though, the ball rolled quite fast and things progressed quickly. After many years of denying who she was she finally admitted to herself she was a dirty whore and started doing porn. Which leads us to where we are today.

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