American Sex Podcast Episode 49: Jimanekia Eborn – Sex After Trauma

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American Sex Podcast Episode 49: Jimanekia Eborn - Sex After Trauma

Jimanekia Eborn takes a heavy subject and makes it feel like a breath of fresh air. Overcoming sexual trauma can be incredibly difficult. Jimanekia tells us about her journey of healing from her own trauma and the work she now does with other survivors*. She also discusses the ways in which people of color can experience trauma differently, and why.

This episode is jam-packed with ideas for working through trauma, helping friends and partners heal, and includes (low cost!) therapy resources. Sunny takes a vow for some much-needed self-care plus Ken and Sunny confess their love for watching Dr. Miami perform surgery on Snapchat.

*Episode contains detailed accounts of sexual assault and partner abuse. It also mentions childhood sexual assault.

Guest Bio

Jimanekia has worked in mental health for the last 10 years, which is where she saw the need for sexual education and sexual trauma support. This led to her passion for assisting and supporting those that are sexual assault survivors and those without access to comprehensive sex education. Jimanekia’s compassion and passion for these populations has pushed her to continue building safe spaces for clientele, sharing education, and supporting their mental spaces.

Jimanekia’s a comprehensive sex educator grades K – 12, Director of Education for survivor and ally support organization, “More Than No,” and she consults on TV and Film to bring a healthy perspective on sex and surviving trauma into everyone’s home.

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