American Sex Podcast Episode 56: Sex and Kink Q&A

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American Sex Podcast Episode 56: Sex and Kink Q&A

Ken and Sunny dive into their mailbag to answer listener sex questions this week for their first ever Q&A episode! They cover subjects from vanilla to extra kinky — erotic asphyxiation; electric play; blow job tips; orgasm issues; Daddy Dom/little girl relationships; desensitization from vibrators; how to go on after a good dick down; intro to BDSM; compromise in the bedroom; what to do with the balls, and more.

This episode is not to be missed! Do you have a question you’d like answered anonymously in a future episode? Send it to [email protected]. Also this week Sunny and Ken adjust to temporarily living apart, plus Sunny looks forward to wearing a CPAP mask.

Guest/Host Bio

Superheroes of sex ed, Ken Melvoin-Berg and Sunny Megatron are partners in every sense of the word. In addition to co-creating and co-producing Showtime’s Sex with Sunny Megatron, they initially gained recognition writing and teaching about everyone’s favorite subject, SEX. In their sell-out workshops, their unique brand of “edutainment” plus combined 30+ years of sexuality teaching experience puts students at ease. Each session seamlessly combines their humorous lecturing style, interactive exercises, and the latest sexuality research.

Sunny hosts their Showtime original television series, Sex with Sunny Megatron, taking viewers on a journey into the world of adult play, as everyday people expose their deepest and most intimate fantasies. Always honest, funny, and sex-positive, the show provides an interesting, fresh twist on sexual exploration.

Their latest endeavor is their hit podcast called American Sex that features an eclectic mix of guests from all walks of life. American Sex podcast is available on most major podcasting platforms.

On a more personal note, this dynamic duo are married to each other, parents, ethically non-monogamous, and lifestyle BDSM enthusiasts.

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