American Sex Podcast Episode 63: Meghan Tonjes – Love Your Body and Take No Sh*t

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American Sex Podcast Episode 63: Meghan Tonjes - Love Your Body and Take No Sh*t

Body positive activist, musician, and Youtuber, Meghan Tonjes, tells us about the #BootyRevolution that her very first Instagram butt photo sparked. We also talk about the good and bad in the body positive community; middle school bullying; dealing with online haters; how we’re all products of our past experiences and traumas; the importance of telling your loved ones how much they mean to you; and more.

Meghan teaches us why self-love and self-awareness are key, and how to self-advocate like a badass. Much of our conversation centers around a common theme: “If you’re committed to your bullshit, you’re going to feel my absence.” That’s sage advice for any relationship from marriages to online interactions with strangers. Meghan also shares the backstory of her short film #ADayForMargaret and tells a bonus story about a Tinder match gone wrong.

Guest Bio

Meghan Tonjes is a singer-songwriter, Vlogger, Podcast host and Body Positivity Advocate.  With appearances and performances on both The Ellen Degeneres Show and Conan O’Brien, Meghan’s videos have garnered over 31 million views. In early 2014, Meghan sparked criticism and garnered support when one of her photos was removed from Instagram. Instagram soon apologized for removing the image, but not before the story went viral, being featured on national news outlets such as CBS, Upworthy, Huffington Post and The Today Show. The #BootyRevolution was born.

Currently, Meghan lives in Los Angeles where she makes weekly videos about pop culture and news. She also co-hosts several podcasts, including Adventures In Roommating (with over 300 episodes) and No Lies Detected.

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