Holly Randall: Pornography, Photography, & the Female Gaze SDC.com

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Holly Randall: Pornography, Photography, & the Female Gaze SDC.com

Welcome back to my playground, fiends and friends.

I am extra thrilled about today’s episode of my podcast because I’m reuniting with the one and only Holly Randall, world-renowned erotic photographer, and adult film producer.

Back when I worked in the adult entertainment industry, Holly would produce and direct the porn I’d write for Digital Playground, and I would also add creative production to some of the scenes, series and movies we worked on together, including Season 3 of DP Star (akin to the porn star version of American Idol). I always loved teaming up with her for a variety of reasons — including the fact that she’s incredibly talented, has an eye for detail and quality, and is easy and pleasant to work with. I have a ton of respect for her.

So now, several years after I’m out of the adult entertainment industry, Holly is still rocking it with her #1 adult industry podcast, Holly Randall Unfiltered and continues to change the game behind the camera for erotic and porn shoots.

As part of this weekend’s celebration of International Women’s Day, I want to empower other women to become entrepreneurs and see that women can thrive in any environment — including the male-dominated adult entertainment industry. And Holly is a shining example of a kickass girl boss who’s truly made a name for herself over the last 20 years with her unique brand.

Holly and I will be covering what it’s like for a woman behind the scenes of the adult entertainment industry; specifically, what it’s like for a female director, producer, and photographer behind the camera.

She’s also going to help us explore that fine line between erotica and pornography, what it’s like to be a woman in charge on set, and the different views and perspectives about beauty, ethics and the industry that she brings to the table. She also gives some solid words of advice for women who are looking to make their mark in the pornography and erotic photography industries.



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