How to Last Longer During Sex

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How to Last Longer During Sex

How can you last longer in bed and prolong the intimacy with your lover(s)? For this episode, I invited Jeff Abraham, CEO of Promescent, a sexual wellness company that helps people enjoy longer-lasting sex and enhance the intimacy in their relationships. We often talk about erectile dysfunction in society — it’s plastered everywhere. What if the problem wasn’t getting an erection, but finishing too early?

In This Episode

We talk about the reality of men who experience premature ejaculation, and some of the possible underlying physiological and psychological reasons for PE. Sexual stamina is something that many worry about: Are you lasting long enough to satisfy your partner? Do longer sexual encounters make you feel more intimate? In group settings, is stamina something that worries you due to the continued time?

Premature ejaculation is just as common as erectile dysfunction, but it’s very poorly defined in medicine. Defined as reaching climax within sixty seconds, we chuckle at the disparities between people and their climax time. Each person goes at their own pace, and are “wired differently,” as Jeff says. While those with ED are usually handed a helpful prescription to fix the issue, premature ejaculation can be helped with over the counter products like Promescent’s Delay Spray. Uncovering some social stigmas and taboos about PE, we offer advice for the many ways in which men can extend sex, prioritize their partner’s sexual pleasure, and physically and psychologically overcome premature ejaculation.

Jeff and I examine the orgasm gap, aka the arousal gap, and the gender differences in terms of how much longer it may take women to achieve orgasm versus men. While men average at about six minutes to climax, women average at around twenty minutes: Jeff spoke candidly with me about his own experiences, and how our time to climax is nothing we should apologize for. He is correct: We can’t control our body’s timing to climax, but as partners, we can work together to meet each other’s needs, regardless of time.

We explore the added pressures that men experience to perform well and last long in group sex scenarios within the swinger or open lifestyle. We found that ironically, many men’s intro into the lifestyle can be nerve-wracking or anxiety-inducing, meaning no erection at all. Group sex scenarios can be a journey rather than focusing on the climax. How boring would it be if the party ended when we came?

Until next time, Stay Lexual!


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