International Sex Affairs-Jul 21, 2020

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International Sex Affairs-Jul 21, 2020

International Sex Affairs

General Party, Swingers Club Party

Date: Jul 21, 2020

Time: 19:00


Location: Alt Tempelhof 17 – 19





International meetings are the wonderful aspect of Tuesday evenings: far from home and prudery, where there often isn’t a swinger club culture or where people are too afraid of being caught by disagreeable neighbours, more and more swingers seeking adventure travel from all over the world to Berlin, to communicate in the international language of lust and to widen their sexual horizons. Open bar, whirlpool & chill out music When Cuban rhythm and Israeli joie de vivre screw, when Norwegian Vikings and Australian beauties unite, when Asian spring rolls thrust into Italian calzone, when Russian Tsarinas are ridden by American stallions and right in the middle the erotic Berlin scene gets stuck in — then we have International Sex Affairs – erotic globalisation in Insomnia. Only people who intend on getting active sexually should come to this event not necessarily with others, but certainly with themselves.
Active players of both sexes have often commented that it’s difficult to let yourself go if there are people who are only there to stare.
This is a sex-party and therefore this idea is only put into practice by active participants. For people who just want to have a look around and take their first cautious steps into the world of swingers, who only want contact with couples, etc., we recommend Fridays and Saturday with erotic dancing – and fancy-dress parties and a separate couples’ play area (except All inclusive events)

© Copyright 2020 SDC All rights reserved

© Copyright 2020 SDC All rights reserved

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