Southwest Love Fest Recap: A Weekend in Tucson, Arizona

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Southwest Love Fest Recap: A Weekend in Tucson, Arizona

Welcome back to my playground, fiends and friends.

I’m still recovering after a fantastic educational weekend at the end of March at Southwest Love Fest, a conference devoted to non-monogamy and polyamory. I’m still in a post-con coma, but trying to get back into the swing of things and share my experiences with all of you!

Founded and organized by Sarah Bachman-Williams and Kate Kincaid, the mission of Southwest Love Fest is to provide an inclusive and transformational space for individuals of all genders, sexual orientations, ethnicities, and relationship structures, to educate and strengthen our non-monogamous community.

Over three days, I attended a bunch of workshops by therapists and speakers like Marla Renee Stewart, Jessica Cooley, Heath Schechinger, Dr. Liz Powell, Nolan Lawless, Sara Connell, and Kitty Chambliss, to name a few.

And I was thrilled to have the opportunity to meet and talk to people about their personal experiences in polyamory, and their journeys from monogamy or a non-monogamous relationship into polyamory. I learned so much about their challenges and unique relationship structures.

While I was there, I managed to record a few podcasts with some fantastic folks. Over the next two podcast episodes — this episode as well as a bonus episode (which I’ll announce soon) — I invited a few guests to talk to me about some of the interesting topics we covered in the workshops we attended, the nature of sex education and much more.

In this episode, I also invited Marla Renee Stewart, the founder of Velvet Lips as well as Sex Down South in Atlanta, to talk to me about her amazing workshop, Keeping the NRE Up, as well as her personal thoughts about the conference. (PS: NRE stands for New Relationship Energy).

So listen to part one of my adventures at Southwest Love Fest!


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