The Size of the Relationship Determines the Size of the Grief

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The Size of the Relationship Determines the Size of the Grief

Something Positive for Positive People Podcast Episode 122

Many of the conversations with our stigmatized individuals have included some trauma that has impacted their mental health to some extent leading to depression, suicide ideation, and attempts in many cases.

We meet with Grief Counselor, Christine Frampus, to discuss one aspect of mental health stigma, survivors of suicide. In this, we define trauma, suicide, and grief so that we’re all at the same starting point as we learn to support one another through the grieving and healing processes.

Christine Frampus, M. Ed., LPC, RPT, NCC has been a School Counselor at KIPP Wisdom Academy with KIPP St. Louis for the past five years, and a School Counselor in St. Louis for the past eight. As a School Counselor she has worked with students ranging from K-12, but currently finds herself at an elementary school. She currently works with students who have a wide variety of needs, experiencing the loss of a loved one being one of them. Outside of school, Christine works as a Therapist at Terrace House, a private practice located in Lafayette Square.

Christine received her Master’s in Social Work from St. Louis University and her Masters in Education from the University of Missouri – St. Louis. She is also a Licensed Professional Counselor, National Certified Counselor, and Registered Play Therapist.

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