Lexi Sylver’s NEW Radio Show on The Sexy Lifestyle Network! SDC.com

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Lexi Sylver's NEW Radio Show on The Sexy Lifestyle Network! SDC.com

My dearest Lexual friends and fiends,

It finally happened.

Lexi Sylver has a platform on which to voice her opinions about sexuality — UNCENSORED!

In exactly ONE WEEK from today, I’ll be officially launching my first radio show as host of SDC Presents: Seek, Discover, Create with Lexi Sylver on The Sexy Lifestyle Network, powered by Voice America!

I know, right! I can hardly believe it, either. All I ever wanted to do when I grew up was talk about sex (professionally, I mean), and now I will!

Here’s what you NEED to know about my new show…

What the Show is About

Sex, baby!

My mission with this show is to empower you by guiding you to explore your mind and body shamelessly, without judgment. So you can feel free to explore YOUR Lexuality, any way you choose!

I’m going to cover soooo many topics, and no subject will be too taboo.

  • Relationships, including alternative relationships
  • Intimacy
  • Pornography
  • Fetishes (like BDSM, and then some!)
  • Sex tips
  • Sex toys
  • Sexual health
  • Sexual disorders
  • Sex after trauma
  • Sexual assault and abuse
  • Body image
  • Self-love
  • Sacred Sex
  • Masturbation
  • Sexual orientation
  • Gender identity
  • and much, much more…

If you have an idea for a topic or a burning question, contact me anytime at [email protected]!





My Guests

Since NO ONE can claim to know EVERYTHING there is to know about sex, I’ll be calling for guidance from sexperts and leading health and sexuality professionals, like Dr. Jessica O’Reilly, Sunny Megatron, Charlie and Arienne Williams, Carol and David, Dr. Nancy and so many others!

My Sponsor

Oh, SDC, how I love thee!

This show would not be possible without the sponsorship of SDC.com — and I appreciate all they did and do for me!

The Network

Seek, Discover, Create with Lexi Sylver will be broadcast on The Sexy Lifestyle Network, powered by Voice America.

When and Where to Listen!

Starting October 11th, you can listen in every Thursday night at 5 PM PST / 8 PM EST on The Sexy Lifestyle Network, on Voice America.com. You can also download episodes you’ve missed on iTunes and hear me while you drive, run errands, and work out.

When my show launches, I’ll be posting the direct links to my channel here for you!

Stay Tuned, Lexual People!!!!




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