Industry Update with Layna Landry, Adult Content Creator

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Industry Update with Layna Landry, Adult Content Creator

Sex Positive Me Podcast Episode 105

Sexy, smart, and business savvy. That’s what we said after chatting with Layna Landry on how the adult industry has changed from when they first started five years ago to the evolution of online fan sites and the importance of data. Yes, being a cam model is actual work and legitimate business.

Marketing, promoting, knowing your online statistic of where your fans are coming from, and what is the content they are looking for are the skills every online marketer should know, even in the adult industry. We learned that while many vanilla video hosting platforms provide statistics, some in great detail, many adult platforms only share the minimum information, if any. Our discussion revealed many of the skills it takes to thrive as an online cam model. We discuss why it is essential to know these statistics, like where your traffic is coming and who is watching.

We did talk about her social distancing sex video and parody porn. It is a thing, and we laughed so hard watching the video. Her five-year career in the adult industry, from an actress to a recruiter and now an independent content creator, brought a “behind the scenes” perspective on this ever-changing industry.

We hope you enjoyed this episode as much as we had fun making it!

About Layna Landry

Layna Landry (they/her) is a 25-year-old independent adult content creator. They started as a stripper before transitioning into mainstream porn. Initially, they worked as a performer but quickly found themselves fascinated by the agency and recruitment side of things. After working as an agent and recruiter for nearly two years, they decided to move into independent content creation as well as services like Skype shows and custom videos, and have been building their brand and business ever since.

You can find Layna Landry on the following sites:
Twitter: @LaynaLandry
Insta: @Layna.Landry

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