Tips for Men: Shaven Not Scratched

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Tips for Men: Shaven Not Scratched

It’s common practice for women to be well-groomed and shaven below the belt, but what about men? We here at offer some tips and advice for men “down there” to keep things trimmed and well looked after.

First Time Shave

Start removing the long hairs first. A beard or hair trimmer will do the job. On the scrotum, you better use scissors to trim because the skin is very thin and loose and it can get stuck in an electric razor.

It’s All About Position

When you start to manscape, the best position is to lay on your bed on your back. Another fine shaving place is in a bath or on a toilet because your genitals are accessible while sitting down. Other possible positions are in the shower or bath. Both in the bath and under the shower you will have the benefit of running water to rinse your blade.

Take Your Time

Don’t rush. Shaving your private parts five minutes before going out for a date will create a blood painting for sure. Make sure you have the bath or bedroom for yourself for the time it takes for you to shave.

Use Shaving Cream

Lather the area with shaving cream. Avoid creams with menthol or those that are scented as they will irritate the skin. Using a good shaving gel or cream will minimize irritation.

The Hard Work


  1. Always use new razor blades. Shave with short, and very light strokes. Make sure the skin is taut because when the skin is too loose, shaving can lead to cuts.
  2. Rinse the blade after each stroke.
  3. Do not give any pressure to the blade when shaving.
  4. For the smoothest result: shave against the direction of the hair growth. But only if the hair is already short enough to do so.
  5. Shave the penis by holding it to the side.
  6. Shaving between the penis and scrotum will work best by holding the penis right up, then move the blade downwards.
  7. Shaving the scrotum will go much easier when the skin is extended. Shave from the middle to the sides.
  8. Clean and rinse when you are satisfied with the results. Pat dry!



To minimize skin irritation you can use an antiseptic cream, baby powder or baby oil. Exfoliating after a day or so will reset the hair shaft and therefore prevents the hair growing back.

The Right Stuff

Use the right equipment. And keep your shaving tools away from hers!

Do not:

  • Use chemical depilatories! They are not suited for genitals.
  • Leave hair in the bath tub or around the toilet!
  • Create an unwanted “masterpiece” down there. Keep it simple and don’t make your spouse or date, burst into fits of laughter because you created a silly look.

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