Breast and Nipple Torture for Beginners

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Breast and Nipple Torture for Beginners

Please note: We are not medical professionals. Any of the information presented in this post, or any of our posts, is based on personal experiences and research only.

Maybe you’ve been there: You’re playing with a partner, they bite just a little too hard on your nipples, and the thought races through your head, “Wow, that was pretty hot! I want more!” For me (Brenna) personally, few things turn me on as much as having my breasts and nipples “tortured,” either during sex or during a BDSM play scene. When done correctly, it can provide the perfect balance between pain and pleasure, leading to a chemical mixture in the brain that heightens every other sensation after. Notice I said, “When done correctly.” The reality is, just like most BDSM activities, there is a fine line between fantastic breast and nipple torture, and complete unpleasantness. This post will provide the very basic do’s and don’ts of breast torture, in the hopes that you can start incorporating into your kinky play if you feel so inclined!


  • Start slow! Begin with more milder sensations, like nibbling with teeth, or flicking with fingers. If these sensations work for you, you can increase intensity at intervals.
  • Check in with your partner! As a top, you should be in constant communication with your bottom about how the sensations feel, especially when first starting out with this type of play. As a bottom, you also have a responsibility to accurately communicate whether or not something is working for you.
  • Choose the right clamps! Many styles of clamps are adjustable, meaning you can start with them at their most mild setting and tighten the clamps as needed.
  • Use the right rope for any sort of breast harnessing or breast bondage. Thin rope will be easier to tie on the breasts but, if you go too thin, you run the risk of it cutting into the skin and causing painful irritation. My suggestion is to start with thick bamboo twine, found at most hardware stores. As a side note on breast bondage in general: DO ensure that you are limiting the time breasts are bound. For beginners, I recommend no more than 5 minutes. Breast bondage constricts the blood flow to the breast tissue and nipples, which can be problematic when done for too long.
  • Your research! There are THOUSANDS of YouTube videos out there (and videos coming soon from us) explaining specifically how to bind breasts, clamp nipples, etc. Better yet — find a local BDSM group in your area where you can talk to others in person, watch their demos, and ask questions.


  • Start with clothespins! So many newbies seem to make this mistake when wanting to try out nipple torture. And it makes sense in theory: You likely already have them lying around your house. Let me assure you, clothespins can be much more severe than many other types of nipple clamps, especially during removal. I personally love using clothespins, but it’s not the best choice for beginners.
  • Assume that all breasts are the same. If you have topped for breast and/or nipple torture with a past partner, it is essential you understand that everyone’s breasts and nipples experience sensations differently. What worked for one partner may be too severe or too mild for another partner.
  • Numb your breasts or nipples before beginning play. I’ve read a few blog posts lately recommending that bottoms use ice cubes to numb their nipples before applying clamps. In my opinion — and I would certainly assume from a medical professional’s opinion — that this is a HORRIBLE idea. By numbing the area where clamps will be applied, you are dulling your ability to decipher between good pain and bad pain. You have pain receptors and nerve endings for a reason: To alert you to serious problems. Please, people, just don’t!
  • Forget the aftercare! When clamps are removed from my nipples, I typically need some sort of tender touch to be applied. My favorite is light licking and sucking, but other ideas are running something soft over them (like a feather) or blowing air on the nipples.

I hope I haven’t scared you off from trying breast and nipple torture, because it can be an incredibly fun and rewarding activity to both top and bottom. For further and more specific information on breast and nipple torture, visit our site at or email us directly at [email protected] Happy clamping!

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