Openlove 101 World Love Summit Series: An interview with SDC’s George Jones

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Want to learn more about love, sex and open relationships?

The World Love Summit, created by John and Jackie Melfi of Openlove 101, features interviews with the world’s leading experts to help guide you down a new path of exploration and sexual intimacy.

In this video, John and Jackie interviewed SDC’s George Jones and discussed his philosophy about what the swinger lifestyle actually is, the importance of friendship with your partner, and what people can get out of opening up their minds and lives to new erotic possibilities.

Watch Their Interview with SDC’s George Jones

During the World Love Summit, you can discover how to experience the best from your love and relationships, the secrets of being happy in an open relationship, and many more tips, tricks and strategies!

Click here to watch the full exclusive video with George Jones, and learn more about the World Love Summit!

Openlove 101 World Love Summit Series: An interview with SDC's George Jones

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