Perks Of Going Commando – For The Ladies

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Perks Of Going Commando – For The Ladies

Hold on to your panties (or not)! I’ve got five fast facts on why you should consider skipping the skivvies.

First of all, what does it mean to “go commando”?

This term has mixed roots but stems from two ideas. Soldiers stationed in Vietnam were known to go without underwear to reduce the amount of moisture around their genitals and to also facilitate better airflow. Smart guys.

Another source is from the term “true Scotsman”. This comes from the tradition of men not wearing undergarments under their kilts. Add in the passage of time and the popularity of slang and the phrase “going commando” was born.

Let her breathe

Not wearing underwear is extremely beneficial when it comes to letting air circulate around your genitals. In this day and age, we often wear leggings, jeggings, and other tight, non-breathable materials. Those tight conditions can cause too much moisture to be trapped near your genitals and can result in a yeast infection. If you’re not feeling like going panty-free all day long, consider going panty-free when you go to bed. Keep your vulva happy by letting her breathe.

Bye bye, panty lines

Panty lines can be a downer if you’re going for that sleek, no-panties look. Panty lines, lacy patterns, and certain colors can often be seen through many materials and it can be tough to find the right pair of panties to go with an outfit. Save yourself the hassle and skip them altogether! You’ll never have to worry about finding your sheer-nude-no-stitch panties again. Skin matches everything.

Save $

Skipping the skivvies can also help you save money. Not having to buy new underwear may not seem like great savings, but it will add up over time. Think of what you can buy instead of purchasing the latest five pairs for $25 deal. And with the reduction in panties comes a reduction in laundry. Less panties will save you in the detergent department and you’ll never have to utter the words “it was laundry day” when questioned why you are wearing your last pair of over-loved underwear.

Feel like a rebel

And one of the more exciting perks of not wearing underwear is the taboo feeling of not wearing underwear! Being exposed like that can feel risqué and can boost your sexual self-esteem. It can be your own little secret or you can take it to the next level and whisper to your significant other, “I’m not wearing any panties.” This little act of rebellion can really make you feel empowered and in touch with your sexuality.

If you still want to wear panties…

If you’re not sold on the commando idea and still want to wear underwear, please consider what kind of undergarments you want to put next to your genitals. When choosing what type of underwear to wear, I highly recommend cotton anything: panties, thongs, boy shorts, G-strings, whatever. Cotton is ideal because the material allows your genitals to breathe while other synthetic fabrics can trap moisture.

So, whether you want to let it all hang out or not, the choice is yours. You can try it once and be done with it or you can be converted and toss all your thongs away tomorrow. It is all about personal preference. And remember, when it comes to going commando and all things sex, everything is OK here.

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