Challenging Observations — Prejudice or Intuition

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Challenging Observations — Prejudice or Intuition

Something Positive for Positive People Podcast Episode 142

Have you ever dismissed your intuition as prejudice? Have you ever seen something happening and then a voice in your head tells you this shouldn’t be happening the way it is and that something is just off? Our guest this week shares their story of having dismissed their intuition around red flags landing them into Urgent Care for chlamydia treatment twice over the course of the same week.

This episode highlights stigma from the health care field in that seemingly none of the providers seemed to want to discuss sex or sexual health. Nor did anyone want to say there was a possibility of the presented symptoms actually being an STI despite their lack of concern for it. This experience teaches us the importance of asking questions when we feel ourselves sensing that something just isn’t right. I hope you’ll learn as much as I did from this experience.

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