Giving Out the Lessons of Our Losses

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Giving Out the Lessons of Our Losses

Something Positive for Positive People Podcast Episode 138

If you didn’t have herpes, would you still be with the person you’re with right now? How many of us were in this position or are currently in this position where we’d rather have toxic companionship over a healthy relationship with ourselves? We stay in these relationships because we are concerned about what others will think, but what if the roles were reversed with a loved one?

We’d tell them get out of the relationship and we’d support them. We discuss public disclosure and that it’s okay to NOT want to do it. In relationships, when you see those red flags, don’t ever ignore them because there’s something there. Side note: we mentioned our guest’s YouTube Channel on herpes, from the date of our recording back in March, she has chosen to remove it.

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