5 Reasons Your Penis Deserves Custom Fit Condoms SDC.com

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Using condoms during threesomes, group sex, and other sexual explorations in the world of non-monogamy can make your member feel a little… stifled. If you can’t keep it up while keeping it covered, using a customized option like myONE® might be the solution to your willy woes.

1. It’s Like Having a Tuxedo for Your Dick

Every penis is unique — from girth, length, taper, and curve — there are so many shapes and sizes. So, why would you expect drugstore condoms to meet your needs for both comfort and pleasure? A well-tailored suit looks and feels amazing, and custom fit condoms do, too. You know Bond would have a stash of these in every country. *swoon*

A common condom fit issue is slippage. Why? Standard condoms (including even “Snug Fit” condoms) are usually 7.5 inches long, whereas the average penis is about 5.5 inches long. And, if you’re also looking for a tighter fit to avoid slippage, standard condoms offer no solution. Another challenge is condoms feeling too small — but what’s often happening is the condom is too tight. Even extra-large condoms are longer, but not much wider, than a standard condom. So, if you’re looking for something tighter, wider, longer, or shorter (or whatever combo), you can finally get the perfect suit.

myONE Perfect Fit Custom Condoms

2. Experience the Latest Tech in Feel & Performance

Speaking of feel, myONE® condoms feature top-of-the-line materials and technology for the best sensation and performance. Made with Sensatex™ latex, TotalGlide™ lubricating technology, MicroRoll™ comfort base, premium silicone lubricant, and a reservoir tip, these condoms are not only tailored for your erection, but they’re also some of the best latex options on the market today. All of this titillating tech is here to help you forget you’re even wearing it. What a time to be alive!

3. You Get Your Own Size Code

Who doesn’t like adding another stat to their dating profile? It’s not just about bra sizes anymore. Keep a sense of mystery with a vague “Size N88.” I know I’d DM you about it.

How does that work? Well, myONE® understands that each person with a penis has different levels of comfort when it comes to taking their own measurements, which is why they offer three sizing methods. There are 10 length and 9 width options for a total of 60 size codes. And finding your size is easy! Just follow the simple steps on the condom size chart!

SDC Global Protection MyOne Perfect Fit Condoms

4. Your Partner Gets Hands-On Time with Your Precious Cargo

In order to find your best fit, you’ll need an erection, of course! Why not make it fun and enlist the help of a partner?

The most thorough and accurate measurement option is the FitKit®, available to print for free from the website. Think of this ruler as a cross between shoe sizing and a vision test: measure your length with the letters on the guide, and find your width by wrapping the ruler around the middle or where your girth is widest.

If you don’t have access to a printer or you consider yourself pretty handy with a tape measure, you can submit your own dimensions in millimeters to the size guide available on the website. Why millimeters? It’s the condom industry standard unit of measurement, and it’s more precise than inches. There is an inches-to-millimeters conversion tool on the site if needed, but why not take full advantage of the opportunity to get your best fit? Plus, you get more hands-on time from your partner.

Once you’ve determined your dimensions, choose the size code closest to your measurements. If, for example, your erection is 152.4mm (6 inches) long and 101.6mm (4 inches) in circumference, your size code is M66.

5 Reasons Your Penis Deserves Custom Fit Condoms SDC.com

5. No More Awkward Eye Contact with the Cashier

Skip the store and sign up for a subscription. MyONE® keeps you stocked with their customizable subscription plans and discreet delivery.

Once you know your size code or have submitted your suggestion details, you can order a condom sampler for free (pay $2 for shipping in the US) or place a full order of 6, 12, or 24 packs. You have the option of a one-time purchase or subscribe & save with delivery every 1, 2, or 3 months. Shipping is free in the US for full orders. Subscribers also receive discounts on premium personal lubricants. Once you’ve spoiled yourself with the perfect protection, you’re going to want the best lubes, too.

Get Ready for myONE® Perfect Fit Condoms

Whether you’re a monogamous couple or have several play partners, using a condom that’s made for your body is the closest thing to bare you’ll find, helping you and your partner(s) practice safer yet sensational sex. Get it up, size it up, order ‘em up! Your penis deserves it.


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