Acknowledging the Lower Case Self

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Acknowledging the Lower Case Self

Something Positive for Positive People Podcast Episode 146

The black indifference on my social media feed is disgusting and I’m calling out status quo perpetuation from those who hide behind mutuality. The things I tilt my head at that have a hint of racism in them, I’m sharing them publicly if able and calling these people into this space because I’m tired of it. What is self-apathy, boundariness, and what does herpes have to do with these things besides highlighting them for us?

5 people are enrolled in 12 therapy sessions with our Partner therapist. I discuss my fear of success and how protecting my feelings from the world is sabotaging my attempts at connection.

“Do you have feelings for me?,” I was asked by my friend I do sex with, and I told her I don’t. Having blown my mind with the question and the thought, I explored this a lot and it centers around my emotional unavailability. We go way back here to the last time I expressed feelings for someone and how it hurt me.

What does what we want in a relationship and passion look like? If you wanna be swept off your feet, what’s the gift that person had better come bearing with your name on it? Lastly, how does herpes highlight YOUR lower case self?

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