Accessing the CAPS LOCK SELF

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Accessing the CAPS LOCK SELF

Something Positive for Positive People Podcast Episode 147

I almost skipped this week because I didn’t have much to say, and then I recorded a 53-minute podcast episode that brought the previous one full circle. My week off of social media, recommended by one of my board members, was a great call. It allowed me to charge my batteries. After learning recently about boundaries, I see how boundarilessness has been really draining for me, and I didn’t know how drained I was until I began implementing boundaries.

We take a couple of write-in stories of the worst experiences two people who attended the “Something Negative for Positive People” fundraiser and use these as examples of where boundaries can be set in relatable situations for whoever comes across this podcast. I’ve been able to work much more effectively and give people more of myself since discovering the freedom to connect in having boundaries and I hope that by sharing that here, you’re able to begin doing this for yourself. Thank you for taking the time!

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