Dating for Convenience

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Dating for Convenience

Something Positive for Positive People Podcast Episode 148

You ever disclose your HSV status to a potential partner, and they still agree to move forward with physical intimacy? Afterward, did you ever find yourself annoyed with them, recognizing areas of incompatibility, realizing you’ve become someone you aren’t in the relationship, and then look up, and it’s been a few months or years that this has been going on and now you want out?

Or how about this… Have you ever found yourself matching with someone who also has herpes? You’re attracted, you overlook a few red flags, and then look up, and it’s been years since you were happy.

You completely miss who the other person truly is because you’ve prioritized the convenience of your shared HSV status in order to just not have to deal with the feels that come with it. Herpes is inconvenient in more ways than outbreaks. And we learn we have to take care of ourselves as a result. Herpes sets boundaries with our bodies, so we have to inconveniently set boundaries for ourselves.

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