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This bi couple found a dreamy rower to join them for some hotwifing threesome fun.

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We had been chatting with him for a while before inviting him over to our home — one of those typical Dutch houses with floor-to-ceiling windows looking over the garden. His profile looked perfect: we have a soft spot for rowers because of the physique the sport gives you. Nick’s profile was promising, and his body looked similar to mine. At 1,91m, he was a little taller than either of us. We had both sported for many years, and as a bi couple, appreciated the physique of both male and female rowers. His profile showed off his lean, hairless body, which was curved in all the right places. Whilst he was expecting to meet both of us, we had decided that she would be alone when he arrived and would explain I had popped out to buy some beers. This would allow me to watch the action unfold through the Venetian blinds from the garden.

Making Him Wait

I took up my place in the darkness to await his arrival. I saw Femke get up, pull down her little black dress, and invite him in. He sat nervously whilst my wife poured him a glass of wine. Femke knows how to turn a guy on, and sure enough, I saw her sit beside him and flirt outrageously, twirling her fingers through her hair and touching his knee to emphasize the points she was making. She sat twisted to face him with one knee up on the couch. I knew this meant that her dress would ride up, giving him a good view of her skimpy panties and soft upper thighs. From the darkness of the garden, I grew hard as I saw her work him. I knew she would be telling him to wait until I got back whilst all the time leading him on. We had both fantasized over his dick pic. He was probably not as thick as me, but he must have been 20cm, and the photo we had studied highlighted a vein running the length of his delicious shaft. 

As previously agreed, she told him he wanted to see his cock, although they wouldn’t do anything until I got home. This gave him the encouragement he needed, so he pulled out his semi-hard cock, so it was sitting pointing towards his navel. Even from the garden, I could see his cock was impressive, and I watched Femke brushing it with her fingertips before our date pushed her hand away. I could imagine the tension as they discussed how much longer I would be out for and the ‘wait till I get home’ rule. Femke stood and started a seductive dance in front of Nick, swaying her hips in time to the music. Slowly, she got closer to him before straddling him. I left my hiding place toward the back of the garden to get a closer look at Femke, grinding onto Nick’s impressive cock. I was squeezing myself hard as I watched, knowing that the only thing that separated my wife from Nick’s cock was the thin layer of her lace panties. We had fucked earlier as we fantasized about how the evening might turn out, and I knew she would still be super wet and as horny as hell. 

As she straddled Nick, Femke cupped his head with her hands and leaned in for a kiss. She was rocking her hips back and forth as she worked the length of Nick’s shaft, squeezing him with her thighs and ensuring that her clit was getting the attention it deserved from Nick’s cock. I knew she would be as wet as hell and could almost smell the sex as I stood outside in the darkness, squeezing myself. Nick’s resolve was clearly waning, and I saw him trying to penetrate Femke, using one hand to hold his cock, whilst the other was tugging her panties to one side. At this point, Femke stood up, and through the window, I could see her wag her finger at Nick in the universal ‘don’t be naughty’ sign. 

She turned so that she could shake her little booty at Nick, but also so she could make eye contact with me. I was as close to the glass as I dared without letting on to Nick I was watching. Our eyes were locked, and I watched as my beautiful wife danced herself back towards Nick’s lap. Nick had pulled his jeans, and briefs ‘round his ankles by now. As Femke turned to pull them off his feet, she bent seductively at the waist so I could see her bum and soaking panties, giving me a perfect view of her shaved mons and labia, which were clearly visible through the soaked material. She turned back to face me and pulled her dress off over to her head, revealing her pert titties sitting high in her half-cup bra. She maintained eye contact as she once again straddled Nick, but this time was facing away from him so she could see me. Her grinding became more frantic, and I could see her mouth half-open in pleasure as she worked Nick’s shaft through her panties and squeezed her hard nipples.

Letting Him In

I was up against the glass by this stage, and Femke could see me touching myself as she rubbed against Nick’s throbbing dick. Her grinding slowed, and she lifted herself slightly, staring directly at me. As she lifted an eyebrow, the faintest whiff of a smile crossed her lips, half asking my permission, half telling me what she was planning to do next. Then she reached around, pulling her panties to one side before sliding onto the length of Nick’s cock. She struggled to keep her eyes open as she rode him, and I could hear her crying out in ecstasy. 

I was loving every moment of watching my wife fucking a near-perfect stranger on the other side of the glass. I could see Nick trying to take control, trying to slow things down so that the moment would last, but without much luck. Femke spun ‘round to face him, giving me a view of Nick disappearing into her pussy as her rhythm built. She rode him mercilessly, taking everything she could before he finally exploded inside her. I could hear them climax together and saw his balls tighten as he filled my beautiful wife with his cum.

Just the Beginning

She sat there straddling him for some time, exhausted, with her head resting on his shoulder before they both stood up and started dressing. This was my cue. I padded ‘round to the front of the house, opening the door noisily and shouting to my wife about why our guest was late. When I entered the living room, my wife was sitting on the chair opposite Nick with a glass of wine in her hand, as the two of them chatted away like old friends. For my part, I played the perfect host. “Mark, this is Nick,” said Femke. I replied, shaking his hand, holding onto it for an uncomfortably long time as I engaged in eye contact, “I’m so glad you’ve come, Nick; I’m sure Femke was able to keep you entertained whilst I was out.” I grabbed myself a glass of wine, and we engaged in small talk before the real fun of the evening began.

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