Hotwife Takes a Single Male Shopping for Lingerie

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This stag arranged for his vixen and bull a dinner, shopping, and a playdate they’ll never forget.

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I exchanged messages and a few pictures with a very cute young (29) single guy named Steve, a guy who had just signed up that caught my attention. He really wanted to make friends with a couple. His interest seemed like a very good match for us as he stated many times that the thought of being in a threesome with a couple was his main interest. After sharing pictures of Lynn, my wife, he was understandably crazy with lust and desire and so willing to help me give her a night of fun flirting, building up to the point where she had to have both of us. 

He seemed so nice that one night while he and I exchanged a few chat messages, I introduced him to Lynn. They chatted for a while on the computer. Their chat exchanges were going very well, so I finally suggested that she just give him a call on the phone so they could talk. An hour later, she finally told him she had to go as I was waiting for her in bed, and it was getting very late. Before they got off the phone, he asked her if we all could get together for dinner on Friday night. She said, “let me check with my husband, and will let you know tomorrow.” When she came to bed, although it was now 1 am, as we cuddled in bed, she filled me in on her conversation with Steve. She must have enjoyed it because as I slipped my hand down to feel her panties, they were soaked! After some really intense loving, I asked if she wanted me to make arrangements for a dinner date with Steve, and she replied, “yes, I would like that.” The next day, Steve and I chatted and made arrangements to meet that Friday night at a restaurant next to Lenox Mall. Friday could not come fast enough.

Dinner for Three

Finally, we were on our way. Parking in mid-December around Lenox mall is impossible, so I ended up dropping off Lynn a block from the restaurant and finally found a parking place in the parking garage adjoining the mall. The walk from the parking garage to the restaurant was only a couple of minutes. Still, I walked as slowly as possible, hoping that the two of them had found each other and were getting acquainted without me putting them in somewhat of an awkward position to start off with. When I entered the restaurant, they were already seated at a table with three menus and a seat waiting for me. As soon as I sat down, the waitress took our drink orders: a Coke for me, and glasses of Lynn’s favorite wine for them. 

After our drinks arrived, we placed our dinner order and chatted, getting to know each other in person. Since it was early in the evening, only about 5 o’clock, the restaurant did not have many customers. The table we were sitting at had a nice tablecloth that hung maybe 8-10 inches over the table’s side. Towards the end of our meal, I noticed that Steve and Lynn sometimes seemed to have only one hand visible with the other out of view. I wondered if Steve or Lynn’s hands were touching each other under the table out of view, but I could not tell and was not going to ask. I did take it as a sign that they were having a great time together.

The Task: Lingerie Shopping

As I finished my meal, I could see how much Lynn and Steve were enjoying each other’s company and conversation. I decided that they needed an activity and a little alone time to get to know each other and hopefully become comfortable and relaxed. Time to institute my plan for them. I reached into my pocket and got a folded card I had ready and handed it to Steve. I told Steve and Lynn to follow the instructions on the card. I would be shopping in the mall, and they were to text me in an hour or so when they have completed the task on the card. With that, I kissed Lynn and said, ‘have fun, see you later,’ and I walked out of the restaurant and quickly walked across the street to the mall. 

On the folded card I had handed to Steve were instructions that said: “You are to take Lynn to a Lingerie Department in one of the mall stores and shop for a sexy lingerie outfit for Lynn. You have one hour to help her pick out a sexy outfit. When you have purchased it, text me a picture of your purchase. Here is $75 for you to spend shopping. One additional rule: You two must always be holding hands while walking and shopping.” I was thinking how exciting it must have been for the two of them to be in Macy’s Lingerie department, holding hands, looking at sexy panties, bras, teddies, and the like together discussing what looks best. 

To my surprise, I got a text message on my phone. It was from Steve’s phone, and it was a picture of Lynn in a dressing room, a picture of Lynn in a sexy lingerie outfit she was trying on in the dressing room, and then another picture of Lynn in a different outfit. I got four really hot pictures with a text from Steve that they were having a great time shopping and Lynn was really sexy and hot-looking in the outfits she was trying on. As it turns out, Lynn had to take Steve’s phone into the women’s dressing room to take the pictures, then show Steve the pictures on his phone to get his opinion as to which one looks best. It had been about an hour and a half or more, and my phone beeped with another text message from Steve that said, “We are finished shopping.” The anticipation of finding out if my sexy shopping adventure for them would result in Lynn inviting Steve home, thereby knowing a hot sexy evening with him would be a reality, was really killing me. I was so hoping it had worked and that later I would have the pleasure of seeing Lynn craving his hard thick cock to fuck her sweet pussy. It was almost unbearable waiting for the two of them to meet me in the parking lot to find out! As soon as I saw them coming toward me, I knew this was not the end of the evening. 

Lynn gave Steve a kiss, and we headed to our respective cars, with Lynn carrying a small shopping bag with the goodies they picked out together. As we got in the car, Lynn gave me an intense kiss and said, “Steve really wants me to ask you about coming over.” I replied, “would you like that?” Lynn said, “yes, I think I would,” adding that she knows Steve really wants her badly. As we pulled out of the parking garage, Lynn called Steve’s cell phone and asked if he would like to come over to our house. She then gave him the address for his GPS and general directions.

Our Sexy Lingerie Model

We arrived home, and Steve pulled in the driveway shortly after we did. Lynn and I led him to the lower level, where there is a pool table (and an extra bedroom). I left the two of them alone to play a game of pool while I headed upstairs to get a bottle of wine and three glasses. Taking my time and giving them some space, I headed down with refreshments. We all continued socializing and flirting while playing a long game of pool. I could tell everybody was eager for things to heat up, so I suggested to Lynn that she should model one of the outfits they picked out, as I had not had the pleasure of seeing it. Steve said that he would like that, too, since he only saw a small picture. Lynn smiled and headed upstairs to change for us. Steve and I played a game of pool and chatted while we waited for Lynn to come back. 

We heard the stairs creak, and there she was, in a short black teddy that made her look so hot and sexy. She came over to us and asked, “how do you like it?” I said, “I like it a lot; turn around and let me see how it makes your cute ass look.” As Lynn turned around in front of me, I wrapped my arms tightly around her waist from behind and kissed her neck as I whispered that she is so sexy in her new outfit. She turned her neck to kiss me on the lips, and I took that opportunity to slip my hand up to her breast and caressed her. I motioned to Steve to join us.

She Wants Us Both

He came over facing Lynn, held her by the waist, and kissed her neck. She broke off our kiss to kiss him passionately. I took the loose-fitting top and freed one of her breasts for us to enjoy. Steve saw this and moved to take her nipple in his mouth. Lynn leaned back and kissed me again as Steve cupped both her breasts as he licked them. I reached around to feel Lynn’s white lace panties and found that she was very wet. I knew she wanted us both. I took Lynn by the hand and led her to the bedroom, laid her on the bed, gave her a quick kiss, and moved down to slip off her panties so I could tease her clit with my tongue. 

Steve laid down next to Lynn on the bed, and they continued kissing as Steve caressed her. Lynn reached to feel his cock, but he was still dressed. I heard her whisper, “you have too many clothes on,” and Steve stood up, quickly stripped, and laid back down next to Lynn. Lynn was really enjoying me licking her clit; I could tell by the way she slightly lifted her hips, how dripping wet she was, and the moans. I looked up, and Steve was kneeling so that Lynn could take his very thick cock into her mouth. I know Lynn wanted to cum, but it’s only good manners to let our guest enjoy her first, and maybe he could experience her first orgasm while she enjoyed how his cock felt filling up her pussy. So, I broke it off and moved to the other side of Lynn. 

I motioned to Steve, and he gently moved her head away from licking his cock and slipped down to taste Lynn’s wet pussy. Lynn spread her legs wide for him as I caressed her breast and gave her a deep kiss. After a few minutes of Steve licking her pussy, Lynn was really excited, and I knew she was craving being fucked by his thick cock. I whispered to Steve, “I think Lynn would love to feel your cock inside.” Lynn moans, “yes, I would.”

Deep Thrusts and Moans of Pleasure

Steve moved a little and Lynn bent her legs a little more to get the angle just right, took both her hands to hold his cock, and positioned it to enter her now soaking wet pussy. His cock is quite thick around, and it took a little gentle movement back and forth, so she got him wet and adjusted to his size. After a few short movements, he plunged fully inside as Lynn raised her hips to meet his deep thrust fully in her pussy as she moaned with extreme pleasure. They continued enjoying each other for a while, and their bodies slapped together, both moaning, enjoying the fun. 

After a while, Steve pulled out and had Lynn get on all fours. She was on the edge of the bed, and Steve stood up, holding her hips as he slipped back inside her. For a few minutes, he fucked her gently, and then he sped up, the sounds of their wet naked bodies slapped together, faster and faster. He then thrust deeply inside and stopped for a moment as he squirted his cum deep inside as Lynn pushed back, as she felt his cock pulse inside her. Steve’s wet, semi-limp cock slipped out, and Lynn slowly laid down face-up on the bed well-fucked. I gave her a kiss as I slipped my hand down to feel her freshly-fucked and cum-filled pussy. It felt so good I had to have it. I told Lynn, “I have to have you now,” and she replied, “I am yours.” Lynn spread her legs as I rubbed the head of my cock on her cum-soaked pussy lips before I slipped inside her. There was no resistance as she felt so warm and so slippery. We continued all night long and were so tired and worn out the next day — an exhilarating and satisfying date.

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