Hotwifing at a Nudist & Lifestyle-Friendly Resort in Georgia

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This couple thought they were led on and teased by another couple at the resort, but their bull came around — again and again — in the end.

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On 1/26/19, we attended a “social party” at a local nudist resort-type club that was having a large group due to a fun theme event. Since we did not want to drive home late after the party after drinking, we got one of their “hotel” type suites for the night. It was very nice with a kitchen, living and dining area, plus a separate room with a nice king size bed. As we were walking to the club, another couple was, too, and struck up a conversation with them. It was their first time there, and they were staying in a unit directly above us. We socialized with them for a while. As the night progressed, they left to check out the other areas of the resort and another party at the lodge bar. It was about 11:30 when, all of a sudden, we see the couple’s husband come into the club alone.

Are They Just Teasing?

We asked where his wife was, and, at first, he replied that she was resting in the room. He got a drink, and Lynn started dancing with him, which progressed to a very sexy dance. As they talked, he said that his wife had actually sent him back to the party with instructions to locate someone to bring back to their room. Off we went! It’s was about 12:15, and we got to their room and ended up talking for a while. It was getting very late, about 1:15, and she was very tired and decided to head to bed. After exchanging cell numbers, we said our good-nights and headed to our room just below theirs.

Lying in bed, we shared our frustration that they were somewhat of a tease. We were both expecting to enjoy a sexy night, but it just did not materialize. For some reason, the husband texted the following message: “Come on down if you want some loving, Lynn needs fucking badly.” So, we were in bed, kissing and about to get busy, and there was a knock at the door. Lynn had on her sexy black teddy and nothing else and went to the door. The sexy bull was alone! Lynn welcomed him with a hot kiss and led him to our bed. It did not take long for him to get naked and slip into our bed, holding Lynn, kissing her and caressing her breast as they kiss.

The Husband Comes — Again and Again — to Satisfy Her

She parted her legs for me to lick her clit — her favorite! Receiving oral gets her very excited and ignites an intense desire to be fucked. From the licking of her clit, she wanted to orgasm, but she would have to wait and enjoy that together with our new friend. He traded places and, after tasting her and finding out how wet and excited she was, he couldn’t take it anymore and wanted his cock inside her — now.

Lynn welcomed him by guiding his thick, over-seven-inch cock to her pussy. She lifted her hips, held and guided his cock to her lips, and, with her other hand on his hip, she signaled him that it was time. With a very slight push, they both moaned from the intense pleasure they both felt as he slipped inside. They enjoyed each other very much as he slowly slid almost out and then gently thrust back as deep as he could as he expressed how absolutely wonderful she felt. She obviously loved how he felt inside her as she moved with his thrust as she savored the wonderful feeling of his bare cock filling her tight pussy so fully.

To make a long story short, she remembers feeling his cock pulsing as he thrust deeply inside her and having at least five mini climaxes as they enjoyed each other numerous times — almost continually from about 2 until 6 in the morning. During that time, after he had cum inside, stopped, and came again several times, he slipped out and rested while holding her. We enjoyed a sensual, gentle, sloppy, and very wet fuck, which excited him greatly, as his cock went from about half limp to fully hard and erect again. He couldn’t wait to enjoy her soaking wet, cum-filled pussy again, which she eagerly welcomed as she felt empowered in her new role as a vixen. After he enjoyed cumming inside her the last time, we were all tired and sleepy. He said goodnight and headed back to their room. We enjoyed one last fuck, savoring that warm, wet, and sloppy feeling, and fell asleep in each other’s arms, totally exhausted and thoroughly sexually satisfied!

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